Hi, I’m Michael Neno, 54 years old and was born in the city of Plymouth in Devon, England.
I never know who my father is and my mother left me and my 3 half siblings when I was only two years old. Being raised by step parents and two step-siblings limited us in a lot of ways -being the only child with no blood relationship to all but two family members. I recalled that every after school, I was restricted on the things that I could do. I have been bounded by my circumstances until I was thrown out of home and had to start a new life working full time until I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1987. The condition placed me in a wheelchair in 1993. To my stepfamily, I had died, that was according to my stepmother.

Wheelchair-dependent, I found myself minding neighbors’ children. I often made up a little story that I can share with the children. After my daughter died in 1995 at only 18 months old, I tried to take my writing further on to publishing them but with no success until I could afford to self-publish through AuthorHouse. With my newfound publisher and the support of my second wife, Michelle, in 2003 I have published several books.

Michael Neno and the Stories He Wrote from a Wheelchair

The Children’s Magical Adventures, a children’s book
Eclipsing Death, a paranormal love story
Eclipsing Death 2 What followed
Love Brought Sophia Back, a story of a typical teenager, Mike, living in England, growing into manhood and discovering girls and love for the first time. For him, his love is soon enough given to Sophia, a girl from Italy who has joined his school for the summer holidays during their final two years of schooling. Unfortunately, the time apart leads him into the arms of Mandy, a girl from his own country who fell pregnant just in time for Sophia’s return, hoping to rekindle the love once held. Mike stays with Mandy for their baby, but an accident kills Mandy and leaves him crippled and responsible for bringing up a daughter alone. The love once held by Sophia brings her back to help and rekindle a love leading her to become a wife and mother as once wanted by them.

I’m hoping to publish my next book Truth Lies and a Little Fiction which is a story of my life and the troubles I and my wife have faced ever since.


Michael Neno and the Stories He Wrote from a Wheelchair

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