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Full Name: Michael Neno
Birthdate: March 11, 1965
Age: 53
Birthplace: Plymouth, England.
No. of Book Written: 4
Genre: Childcare

Interesting Facts

  • My name is Michael Neno and am 53 years old. My mother tried to miss carry me because my father is unknown and after dumping me on her then-husband left for good when I was only two. I grew up with both stepparents, two stepbrothers, and three half-siblings. That was great until my stepmother had another baby and found out that I was not blood-related to my stepfather or her, making me more or less not wanted by her. I live in England with my wife Michelle a single mother and her fantastic children who love their new loving dad…This was in 2003. After my diagnoses of having Multiple Sclerosis in 1987, I continued working full time until it forced me to give it up in 1991. My then girlfriend became pregnant in mid-1992 just before my losing all use of my legs and our parting during her pregnancy. Having to sit in a wheelchair all day I began scribbling short tales for some local children that I often minded for their parents. Doing this helped me feel less of a burden on others and more useful. After my new daughter Kelly was born in 1993 but died too young in1995 and came to me in dreams telling me to write a book for her which after 24 years I finally completed in 2017 with “Love brought Sophia back” I became a double lower limb amputee my left leg2008 followed by the right one in 2012 making me more thankful for my loving wife Michelle and our family who all love and value me. After having my heart stop beating and being restarted by doctors three times in 2002 I was given about a year to live which has been repeated several times by doctors and specialists only for me to prove them wrong. I have died a fourth time in 2008 due to health problems where I believe that I was sent back as I was about to enter a swirling bright light that appeared in my room wall but was sent back for the personal destiny that all are born with. Ever since that night I’ve known that just being alive is the greatest and most valuable gift we all get giving a smile on my face while in pain with my MS.

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