Mortal Engines /

Mortal Engines /

Mortal Engines was by far one of the most anticipated films of 2018 and you would not dare deny that if you saw the trailers early. The trailer itself showcased gorgeous visual effects that would put some movies to shame. Fast forward to the release and staying true to the trailers, the dystopian set film looked even more dazzling and glorious, making viewers feel like they have entered a world unlike any other.

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Of course, this is not an impossible feat to conquer considering how Peter Jackson and Christian Rivers are both named producer and director, respectively. Along with a team of amazing and talented people, and an Oscar-winning visual effects studio at their disposal, this was a walk in the park. Great concepts swirl around the movie and you’ll be surprised to know that ‘Mortal Engines’ was in hiatus for almost a decade until they picked up where they left off and made the movie even better than their previous idea.

‘Mortal Engines’ is a beautifully-made film with plenty of aspects and rich storytelling so it is not
hard to see why a lot of people truly love this masterpiece. Just check out the trailer below: