“Have you ever felt like not getting up in the morning? Have you ever felt stuck and wondered how you would get out of a situation? Do you ever wonder what your purpose is? Do you wonder why bad things keep happening? You’re not succeeding because you’re missing something.

So, what are you missing?” Ingrid Apollon shares a thought-provoking synopsis for her newest book “My Miraculous Journey With God With Only $60 and a Suitcase”.

I’m a 1st-time author and my goal is to reach millions of people for them to turn to GOD.

miraculous journey ingrid apollon

What better time than now?

The #ME TOO MOVEMENT and the # TIME’S UP MOVEMENT is a sign for people to stand up for what they believe in.  I decided to write about what I believe in.  It’s time for people to break the silence.

My book is basically about my life story which discusses how I’ve dealt with molestation, rape, verbal and physical abuse.  I wouldn’t be able to overcome these issues if I didn’t have GOD in my life.  There are so many people that are going through trials and tribulations and they can’t cope with life. It Sometimes leads many towards suicide. In my book, you will witness that GOD still works miracles like he had done in the past when he had split the RED SEA.

I’ve experienced things that people would find very bizarre or unusual to understand but it goes to show that GOD is still a MIRACLE WORKER until this day.  There have been many cases where people experience the supernatural and they can’t understand.  GOD has a way of sending people in your life to turn to him and to minister for him.  In my case, GOD sent someone to give me a message to run away from home and I had no idea how that was going to happen and at the time I had no idea where to go.

miraculous journey ingrid apollon

When I stepped out on faith with only $60, GOD was able to lead me to different countries and to minister for him all over the world and people couldn’t understand how this could have happened?

I’ve witnessed many miraculous things through my journey.  Hopefully, this book will inspire many people to not give up, lose hope, break the silence and stand up for the Lord!

My goal is to get people to represent for GOD  and for people to continue to spread the LOVE

For GOD is LOVE so we need to represent for him.  When you read my book, you will be amazed!  With GOD, all things are possible if you just believe!

This inspirational and mind-opening memoir is available at Amazon and Archway.


miraculous journey ingrid apollon


My Miraculous Journey With God With Only $60 and a Suitcase

Author: Ingrid Apollon

Genre: Memoirs & Biographies

Paperback: 142 pages

Publisher: Archway

ISBN-10: 1480869503

ISBN-13: 978-1480869509


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