As the song says “When you marry in June, you’re a bride all your life.”

superstitions for a june brideHave not you ever wondered why there are so many wedding ceremonies that happen during the month of June? It is becoming quite of a tradition isn’t it? To get things started, there is a Greek goddess named Hera (in which her Roman name is Juno.) She is the Goddess of Marriage and Birth, and at the same time, she is hailed as the Queen of Olympus or Queen of the Heavens. She is married to Zeus, the King of the Gods and the Heavens. Despite such, she’s very famous for her epithet as “the jealous wife” because she is known to turn her anger towards Zeus’s lovers and illegitimate children.

Nevertheless, she is the protectress of women and she also symbolizes best the virtues of monogamy and fidelity due to the fact that she remained faithful to Zeus despite his infidelity. For some additional facts, June is the month of love and marriage and it is considered to be a fortunate month for a wedding, for it was a thought that those couples would be blessed with prosperity and happiness. Therefore, Hera’s month is considered to be the most auspicious one for weddings.

As the ages had passed, people believed many superstitious beliefs regarding weddings, and until now, people still believe in those. Do you have any idea what are the different superstitious beliefs when it comes to June brides…?

Here are the different myths and superstitions about why women find it pleasant to be a June bride.

1. The bride’s fresh scent

As the old superstition goes “Marry when June roses grow and over land and sea you’ll go.”

superstitions for a june bride

During medieval times, the annual bath of the people usually falls between the months of May and June. So if a woman marries during the month of June, she would still smell relatively fresh, so in return, she smells pleasant during her wedding day. Aside from that, the availability of flowers are very convenient, and it aids for a pleasant smelling crowd. For some additional note, she carries some flowers so that her remaining body odor will be concealed. That’s quite of a struggle, isn’t it? And! This is also the origin of the bouquet!

2. The harvest

Many also choose to have their weddings in June, since this will result that a probability for a wife to be pregnant in summer season would still be early enough. It’s also for the reason, that she would still be capable of helping for the manual labor during the harvest season for that year. They also timed it that way to ensure that the bride has recovered enough health for work. As you read it, this much more of the practical side.

3. May is a big no-no

According to ancient tradition, getting married in May is the most unlucky one, because this is also the month when the Romans (during their time) celebrate the Feast of the Dead since it is really inappropriate at the time to court your spouse when you’re supposed to celebrate the dead. And also, the festival of the Goddess of Chastity happens to be on that month too.

superstitions for a june bride

As the old superstition goes, “Marry in May, rue the day.” Since the ancient Rome, May already has this bad luck reputation. So in return, weddings are celebrated in June instead.

With this list, what’s your opinion or reaction? Did this ridicule you? Creep you out? Amazed you? Or you just read it plain? Well, whatever your reaction is, feel free to drop your comments on the comment section below!