Author Profile

Full name: Nancy Ann Hall
Age: 74
Birth Date: Febuary 8, 1944
Birth Place: Mangum, Oklahoma
Genre: Spiritual
Pen Name: Nancy Beth Hanks
No. of Books Written 1

Interesting Facts

  • My favorite memories are the times I spent in my youth with my daddy and the horses. He taught me to ride, handle a cart and horse, and simple love horses. But now, far past my youth, my children are grown and I am recently retired. I love working in the yard and taking long walks in the early morning. I love walking and talking with God and watching the sun come up. The walk sets the mood for the day.
  • I also enjoy working with the primary age children during “Kid’s Church” each Sunday morning. Boys and girls of this age are simply delightful and eager to learn. I see them as a blessing and are the grandchildren I don’t have.

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