The upcoming live-action film of ‘Aladdin’ has sparked a series of criticism right after it allowed fans to get a first look. Unsurprisingly, fans are quite outraged at the possibility that the Genie, which will be played by Will Smith, is not of the blue color that they are familiar with. Good thing that the film’s crew immediately mitigated the outrage by claiming that the genie won’t stray far from the source material. Will Smith will definitely be blue in the whole film.

Of course, it isn’t just the whole blue skin thing that got the fans talking about the live-action film. In fact, fans are also expressing their concern about the character of Jafar. In the Disney’s animated version, Jafar is quite the unlikeable character. In the live-action film, however, Jafar’s actor, Marwan Kenzari, garnered the fans’ admiration for his dashing and manly looks. Fans are concerned whether they’ll be able to hate him as Jafar or not. Will Kenzari be able to portray Jafar’s evil laugh well?

New 'Aladdin' Stayed True to Its Original

Photo by Variety

Aside from these two biggest concern, it seems that the production team has faithfully stuck close to the original source of ‘Aladdin’. Although just like with the original animated film, there are still deleted scenes and script, the brand new ‘Aladdin’ film is still the ‘Aladdin’ that fans know.

‘Aladdin’ will be in theaters this coming May 24, 2019. Subscribe to us to get the latest scoop on the film or check out the teaser trailer below: