Every country has different ways to celebrate the New Year. There’s a country that sings a famous poem written by a well-known poet. Another place celebrates New Year by kissing by midnight. How does your country herald the New Year? Here are how other people welcome the new year in their part of the world.

The United Kingdom

People hold hands by midnight and form a circle. They will then sing the song, “Auld Lang Syne.” This song is initially a poem written by Robert Burns, a Scottish poet.


If you are an Italian, and you want to attract good luck, prosperity, and love, there’s one thing that you shouldn’t forget during New Year’s day. You should wear red underwear! Another tradition that Italians observe is gathering in St. Mark’s Square and joining in the mass kissing session.


Different countries have different ways to wish good luck to neighbors. One country with a bizarre tradition in Denmark. You’ll have to break crockery on your neighbor’s doorsteps at midnight. More broken earthenware means more luck.


In Spain, people welcome the new year with 12 chimes. While that may just be an ordinary tradition, people would follow it up with eating 12 grapes, one grape for every chime.


During New Year, a lot of people around the world will come to Singapore to participate in this country’s tradition. Their tradition involves a wishing sphere. Wishers release these spheres, which contains their wishes for the coming year, onto the Singapore River.

The Philippines

Circles are in the spotlight in the Philippines during the New Year’s celebration. The New Year’s meal should have fruits in a circular shape (i.e., oranges, apples, grapes). Wearing polka dots is also a tradition.


When the new year comes around, Buddhist temples in Japan will ring their bells exactly 108 times. Every ring represents a human sin in Buddhist belief. By ringing the temple bell 108 times, it is believed to wash away the previous year’s sins.


In Russia, people will have to write their wish first and then burn it. After that, they’ll have to throw it into a champagne glass. Drinking the champagne before 12:01 is a must.


It may be another weird tradition, but people in Switzerland usually drop a blob of cream on the floor. It is said that doing so can bring in good luck for the coming year.


White flowers are the protagonist in Brazil during New Year’s eve. This is because most people in Brazil throws white flowers onto the sea at that time. This is a tradition for them to receive the goddess of the sea’s blessing in the coming year.


Swimming in cold winter water is the New Year’s tradition in Canada. This tradition started way back in 1920 and had become known as the Polar Bear Swim. Most commonly, people jump into The English Waters to fulfill this tradition.


For Colombians who wish to have a travel-filled year ahead, they should not forget to prepare a suitcase before New Year. After all, they’ll have to bring them around to celebrate.


While it may not be in all places around Peru, there is one Peruvian village known for a unique New Year’s tradition. This village encourages old fashioned fist fight when settling differences. After the fist fight, they wipe their slates clean before the New Year arrives.