Blockbuster Battle Royale

It was supposed to be a silver screen battle royale – what with the supposed same-month release of highly-anticipated films such as Alita: Battle Angel, Aquaman, Spider-Verse, Bumblebee, and the Mary Poppins sequel. However, the people behind Alita’s production seem to think that they have a better chance of climbing the film rankings if they do a strategic retreat now. After all, the other movies sharpening their knives for the December battle have forerunners that had already established a stable fan base for them. On the other hand, Alita may have a huge following due to the succes of its original Japanese comics counterpart; but that doesn’t guarantee a box office success, considering that Alita will be the first of its kind in the US movie industry. Throw in the fact that not all who adored Alita in its original form are happy with how the movie actually turned out, the said production is definitely on to a shaky start.

Thus, if they avoid a head-on clash with the “movie giants” that are sure to get box office hits by moving their release date to February, then perhaps they’ve done a wise move. They’ll be able to bag the lion’s share of the market (if not the second biggest part, if How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World will maintain its momentum from its first two films).

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Well, we’ll just have to further our opinions on how Alita would fare when the movie’s executives actually finalize their release date.

Moving on, there’s much to anticipate for the movies that are to be released next month. With or without Alita: Battle Angel, the December blockbuster battle royale will continue to intensify as days pass by. We will finally be able to see if Emily Blunt can step out of the monumental shadow Julie Andrews left behind in her titular role as The New Mary Poppins. Director James Wan will also be attempting to pave a new path for future DC movies with the release of Aquaman. For the fans of the iconic transforming Volkswagen, the all-new Bumblebee movie will determine whether their call for a long-awaited Transformers franchise reboot is answered or not; will it then be a box office yay or a nay? And there’s the Spider-Verse! Our favorite Spidey will traverse to a parallel realm as he meets – and even train! – other webshooter-equipped superheroes.

Aren’t you excited? The Paperclips Magazine team is sure looking forward to watching these films that are fighting to become the next box office bomb. There’s no point in whetting your appetite even more for next month’s films. Go on. Flip the page. Indulge in what Issue 54 has to offer.

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Lara Kaye
Paperclips Magazine