Silver Screen’s Raison D’être

For this October 2018 issue, the journey to producing a full-length movie that will spark a positive response in moviegoers is an arduous journey. It involves numerous phases – casting, script writing, script reading, shooting, post-production, and marketing. Each member of the cast and crew, from the A-list Hollywood celebrity down to the gaffer, put their best foot forward to be able to showcase a film that won’t disappoint.

However, regardless of how much blood and sweat these people invest in the film’s production, it is a fact that pleasing everyone is a tall order. Moviegoers already critical of the film just from the released teasers alone are aplenty. Some claim that the trailer already gave away the plot of the entire film so there is no need to watch the actual premiere. If the film is an adaptation of a book, fans become skeptical as they want every scene on the silver screen to be an exact replica of what’s penned on the book. To make matters worse, self-proclaimed “critiques” easily make their voices heard and influence others with their “rotten” misgivings via social media.

When our team deliberated on the theme for the October 2018 issue of Paperclips Magazine, we raised our brows at the negative critics posted by the denizens of the virtual world. Grinch fans are denouncing the latest film because, according to them, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Grinch is meaner. But is that true? Our spotlight article will probably enlighten you. Ralph 2 sucks because it drowns the plot in the vast sea of product placements? Let’s peruse what we know so far about Wreck-It Ralph’s storyline first to see if these “not-so-subtle ads” actually affect the script as much as you fear. Fans are clamoring over the production team’s decision to sweep the issue of Dumbledore’s sexuality under the rug? So what! Just from the trailer alone, you’d know that Fantastic Beast 2 will be magically awesome for Potterheads!

As Wreck-It Ralph had put it in the first film, “It’s kind of hard to do your job when nobody likes you for doing it.” Let’s not waste the skills and effort of the production cast and crew just because we don’t like trivial matters about their produced film. As a true-blood movie buff, Paperclips Magazine hopes that you’ll watch these upcoming films with the right mindset. Withhold the prejudices and preconceptions that are making you view these films negatively. Just sit back, read through our movie guide, and savor the actual movie-watching experience in the theaters! Films are supposed to be enjoyed, after all.

Lara Kaye
Paperclips Magazine