Poetry is an aesthetic expression of one’s innermost thoughts and emotions, so as Hip-hop is an artful culture channeled dynamically– in words, in body movements or in rough beats. What happens when you put the two together? That is exactly what The Sanctuary of my Solitude is -a perfect combination of a well thought out lyrical practice and deeply personal interactions of inner turmoil.

The world that we live in is full of destruction and corruption. Addiction, disease, depression, loss, and misfortune are few of the things everybody wish were not real. These things exist and this is the absolute reality. With no excuse, to all of us, assortments of discomfort befall in no given time. These areas of discomfort caused by a variety of aspects slowly eat of a part of us – our sense of hope.

Our hopelessness may be self-afflicted. Some caused by the people close to us, by people that we don’t know and more often than not, by unexpected circumstances. Regardless of the origin, when people lose hope, they often isolate from all forms of healthy community -making them even more vulnerable. Upon the realization of this isolation of hopelessness, The Sanctuary of my Solitude was created and penned. The Sanctuary of my Solitude is a result of the isolation that is birthed from hopelessness with the hopes that the reader will be given the strength to endure their own hopelessness to once again find hope.

The title The Sanctuary of my Solitude comes from the need that we have to find a safe place, or a sanctuary, in our most difficult times. In our lowest times when we are often alone in solitude and awaiting a safety net to save us in our time of need. Yet, in the moments of our solitude when we are in the lowest valleys of our lives, we discover a sanctuary in our own thoughts. Through that alone time, we are able to discover our flaws as it leads us to learn from them and grow. In many occasions, it is in our solitude that God reveals Himself and brings us to a place of safety.

Each piece that is featured in The Sanctuary tells a relatable tale of a young man’s journey through his faith. The poems depict the emotional ups and downs, the journey through early adulthood maneuvering through the college years; from discovering faith in Jesus Christ to dealing with personal doubts and recovering from a broken heart. A decade of Christian faith as the sustaining force in the midst of both life’s struggles and triumphs.

The Purpose behind the Sanctuary:

Growing up in the middle of two families, I always had more questions than answers. I grew up unsure of who I was or who I was supposed to be. These questions quickly found their way into my poetry, which I usually wrote in the wee hours of the morning. The more I grew into my Christian faith, the more I learned, and, the more I wrote.

To be able to write is a God-given gift that helped me analyze and understand the intricacies of the human experience. Through this understanding, I created poems that the many can read and relate to. It will be such an honor to journey through the lowest moments of my depression, to learning how to overcome it, up to my most joyful stages. Sometimes we wish to see the world through someone’s eyes and with this book, I allow you to experience the highs, the lows, the hopelessness, the faith and the strengths as I see it, hoping that you as well will be able to replicate the positive aspects and continue sending ripples of hope to those around you.

As the reader reads The Sanctuary, a new perspective will be presented through a variety of experiences that will expand their comprehension of the world around them. I am also able to provide a solution for the brokenness that lies within the poems. Through my relationship with Christ, I am able to demonstrate how God has used my experiences to form me and teach me to place my trust in Him.

Since the age of nineteen, I have had a personal relationship with God. As I transitioned through a variety of stages, I leaned on God for courage, strength, and wisdom. As you read through the pages of The Sanctuary of my Solitude you will be given a glimpse into my most encouraging and powerful moments with God. You will also see me at the lowest points of my life, where my faith is tested and where my life seems useless. Lastly, the pages of this book will uplift you as you are able to relate to the words inscribed within.

This book allows me to share my trials and my tribulations in order to give the reader a glimpse into my life in hopes that they are able to relate to my struggles. While the reader learns about God as He brought me to a place of healing through the pages of this book, he will also be able to think introspectively about their own trials. As the reader works through their own struggles, they can also develop a dependable relationship with God and find their own sanctuary. My hope is that through this journey, the reader will relate to the words throughout the poem and empower their relationship with God.

A Glimpse into the Sanctuary:

“I know today is a new day, dreaming.
I know today is a new day now.
I know today I must face my demons.
I know today that I won’t back down.
Because everyday it’s your face I’m seeing.
Because everyday it’s to you I bow.
Because everyday it’s for truth I’m freeing.
Because you’re the one who wears the crown now.”
I Know Today (Page 16)

When you’re strengthened in your faith and you’re facing the hopelessness that lingers in your life, you realize that you need to face your own personal demons. Over the years, I have faced many of my negative aspects and my own personal demons. I pray that The Sanctuary of my Solitude will help you face your demons.

About the author:

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