The intention of my book Peace From Insanity was to get to the root of the human experience.
I’m a poet, and as such, I wanted to use the format of poetry to deal with the difficult topics that I
tackled in Peace From Insanity. While Peace From Insanity is my second book, it is the first to
deal with the conflicts that have arisen from the society that we live in. I wanted to provoke
people into thinking about how we live our lives, to challenge themselves to open up to the
world around them. Peace From Insanity seeks to inspire harmony in mankind while
understanding that the world we live in divides us in so many ways.

Peace From Insanity: Attaining Peace in a Chaotic World

At a young age, I was exposed to poetry, and it was life-changing. I couldn’t have imagined at
the time how deeply inspired I was, and how that would lead me to seek out writing as a way to
express myself. The Human experience has always fascinated me, and I am inspired constantly
by my surroundings and the people I move through this world with.

I hope that people are drawn to the themes in my book and are compelled to buy it. There is a
positive message that I hope will touch people from every walk of life.


Peace From Insanity: Attaining Peace in a Chaotic World

Author Bio

I was born in California. Most of my childhood was spent traveling with my parents for work.
I have two children, my son Jesse Jr., and my daughter Berta. They are my inspiration for
publishing my poetry, as it has been so rewarding to have them see my work in bookstores.

Twitter: @JesseMArzate1

Peace From Insanity: Attaining Peace in a Chaotic World

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