New Year, new stuff! But, “new stuff” doesn’t mean you have to buy new ones. Surely, we all have stuff that no longer serves any purpose around our house, yet we still have trouble giving them up. This time of the year, turn them into something useful— into a bookshelf!

The bookshelf is one of the basic furniture in any room, and probably one the most important. For book lovers, we couldn’t agree more. So, take a look at what some of the others have done not just to look their bookshelves unique and awesome but to also make use of old stuff that can be taken advantage of by almost anyone. If you yearn for a fancy shelf, today is your day.

The Ladder of Success

All it takes are two ladders and some wood planks to create a great look for that empty corner in your room. You may leave the wood unpainted with its natural aged look, or you can have it painted to match the color of the room or adjust in order to fit in your living spaces. Suit yourself.

Tunes and Tales

Though this could take a lot of effort and manipulations, a discarded piano can turn into a gorgeous piece of art, furnishing a touch of class to your living spaces. It’s a great way to give your room some classy angles.

No Strings Attached

It is maybe one of the most famous instruments, but once a guitar gets broken, we usually just throw it away. So, why not repurpose it instead? Remove its face and add shelves on it, turn it into a book shelf that looks neat and packed. Hanging it on the wall with stylish shelves can be a truly beautiful expression of recycling.

A Stack in the Fridge

Give your non-working old fridge a new life by turning it into a shelving unit. Don’t let this valuable storage space go to waste, instead, make it your books’ official home.

Tales in the Closet

Want to space out your shelves? Use your closet. It can make an outstanding place for your books. You can even turn it into a cushy library nook where you can sneak in anytime to spend with your books. How cool is that?

If you are not into books, you can make these shelves for other things especially collections such as toy figures. Challenging one’s creativity gives more life to something we thought is already useless. And most of all, we could save much of the raw materials where these things are made from. Don’t think creativity is for the sake of arts alone— true artists are those who redefine things that has lost its function and use. Everyone can be an artist. And that includes YOU.