Summer is a holiday-filled season. Now and then, there are events being celebrated, which allows people to have fun and be merry. Do you know though that how you observe these holidays may all depend on your personality type? Let’s check out just how you would celebrate summer holiday based on your personality


People with INTJ personality type can’t stand crowds, especially during hot summer days. Thus, you will rarely see them during events such as concerts and parades. Instead of being in the middle of a crowd, they prefer being in a small group where they know more or less everyone.


The INTP personality type doesn’t have a preferred way of celebrating a holiday. In fact, they’d like to think that they’d want to celebrate a holiday because they want to and not because it is scheduled. If you see a person with an INTP personality type tagging along with another person, it is highly likely that they are not only there for themselves but for the other person to be happy as well. They also prefer gathering at another person’s house instead of their own.


The host of a family get-together is mostly an ENTJ type of person. They go all out in preparing for the said reunion so that the attendees will have fun in each other’s company. They want the event to be an easily memorable gathering of their family members.

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People with the ENTP personality type are social butterflies. They love mingling in a crowd. They love excitement. Being spontaneous is their forte. It is their spontaneity that allows them to have a good story to share with others.


For people with the INFJ personality type, they love participating in the holidays but not in a high-tension manner. They want to spend their holiday in a relaxed environment. They can still enjoy being in a loud crowd though, but only when the activities are done in moderation.


Small gatherings with close friends are the specialty of people with the INFP personality type. They are the “energy saver” type, so the parties they tend to attend are all low-energy ones. In other words, they tire more easily compared to other people.


ENFJ people are always the center of the crowd – especially of the dance floor! They are good dancers and can truly attract the crowd’s attention. They also prefer capturing good moments in their camera as they want to look back and be able to remember the good times anytime they want.


If you put a person with an ENFP personality type in an unfamiliar place, you won’t have to worry about them not having fun. They are the ones who would most likely try new events and activities even at a new place. They always want to live their life in colors too. When you see people painting their faces during the Fourth of July, they probably have an ENFP personality type.


For those with an ISTJ personality type, they are probably thinking of the holiday as the best time to do whatever they want to do. They might spend their rest day catching up on their favorite TV series or just enjoy their time alone. Holidays, for them, are a time to relax in a comfortable environment.


If you have a friend who would rather stay at home than go anywhere during the holidays, then you’ve got right there N ISFJ person. In the unlikely situation where you can invite them out, it is highly likely that the place you invited them to is a familiar place with familiar people. They are introverted.


Friends with the ESTJ personality type are the ones who tend to host get-togethers such as family reunions and take control over the event. They want their event to go according to what they have planned. These get-togethers are their avenue to catch up with their family members and friends.

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They are also hosts of the party, but they usually take the extra mile to keep their guests comfortable. They make sure that everyone is having fun and that every guest’s needs are addressed. ESFJ people maintain a close relationship with their family members.


You can never pressure people with an ISTP personality type to attend any party, even if that party is a tradition. They’d rather be free from any of these social obligations. For them, they prefer to do the activities that they personally think relaxing.


ISFP people are known for their flexible and easygoing nature. When there are celebrations, they tend to go with the flow. They also like observing other people and talking to them. When left alone, they can find ways to relax anytime.


People who have an ESTP personality are usually ones who love participating in anything. It may be playing a card game or party game. It may also be launching the fireworks. They love to personally engage in these activities during celebrations. They always want to be in on the action.


When people with ESFP show up, they get the party started. They are practically the entertainers of the event. Of course, they don’t just hog the mic or dominate the dance floor on their own. They like to get others involved too.

These are the different personality types and what they generally do during summer celebrations. So, have you figured out what your personality type is based on these characteristics?