Or is this a Marvel-Game of Thrones crossover?

WAY back in October 2014, Marvel announced the most awaited film of this year, Avengers: Infinity War (Part 1), which originally was set to show on May of 2018, but due to Marvel’s generosity to its devoted fans or some other business strategy, they moved it April 25. This movie is very highly anticipated because it features a wide roster of our favorite Marvel superheroes originating from different solo movies such as the Avengers, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and more coming together to defeat one big baddie, Thanos. With Marvel Entertainment’s official YouTube channel releasing clips and trailers of the film, who would not get hyped over this?

Due to how big this story arc is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or better known from the dedicated fans as the MCU, there would be a lot of people involved in this. Although the Infinity War was supposed to be separated into two films, Marvel had decided that they will no longer be two parts of the same story, but instead be very different stories from one another. Nevertheless, the production and the cast are still huge. The fans have many speculations and theories about the movie. However, there is one thing that caught everyone’s eyes when Marvel released the film’s promotional poster.

Amidst the shining armor of Iron Man, the awesomeness of The Guardians of the Galaxy, the perpetually fabulous and glimmering hair of Thor, and the ripped green muscles of the Hulk, Peter Dinklage, most notably known for as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, appears as one of the cast of the film, which begs the question: what does he play in Infinity War? Here are some of the speculations from all over the web.

peter dinklage avengers infinity war role

WARNING: potential major spoilers as this talks about the comics. Viewer discretion is advice. You have been warned.

Corvus Glaive

peter dinklage avengers infinity war role

Many fans speculate that he will be playing as Corvus Glaive, a member of the Black Order and an underling of the mighty Thanos. Do note however that this speculation has already been debunked since Joe Russo, one of the directors of the film, revealed that writer Michael Shaw is playing the role instead just recently. However, this still warrants a mention for the uninformed. Yes, Peter Dinklage does not play this role. Shall we move on to the next speculation?


How come MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing) comes into the fray of the Infinity War?

peter dinklage avengers infinity war role

Yes, this speculation is a bit farfetched, as AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics), the organization MODOK is part in, was only mentioned in Iron Man 3 since the main villain of the film, Aldrich Killian, was the founder of the evil organization. However, this speculation came into fruition when considering co-writer Christopher Markus had always the idea of putting the villain since “Captain America: The First Avenger” to be played by none other than Peter Dinklage himself. Thus, there is a small glimmer of hope from the fans of the mad super genius that we could get to see him be introduced in the MCU starting in the Infinity War.

In the comics, MODOK was originally a technician by the name of George Tarleton who joined AIM and was then experimented on which turned out to have gone wrong. With his body mutated and deformed, yet his mind expanding to an extent of a super genius making his head literally huge, he had to ride a mechanized floating ride and has then on became one of the thinking machines of the organization whose goals are radical, which considers them to be villains.


Even some of the hardcore fans may not even know this dwarf. Eitri is the King of the Dwarves of Nidavellir, one of the nine worlds of Norse mythology. He is an important character in the sense that he, along with other master forgers and smiths, made Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, as ordered by Odin through trapping the God Tempest into the hammer, harnessing its power in the process. He is a master forger of over a thousand years old, capable of harnessing the Sun’s heat to make Mjolnir.

peter dinklage avengers infinity war role

Eitri could come into play in the film in case there would be problems with the Infinity Gauntlet, as he could be one of the key players in dealing with the said tool, or in case Thor would want to know information about the origins of the Infinity Gauntlet. After all, it was never mentioned before, so there is a high possibility that its origins will be explained here, and Eitri could be in that explanation.

Pip the Troll

Pip the Troll could play an important role in Infinity War due to his role in the battle with Magus, Adam Warlock’s evil alternate. Adam Warlock, in the comics, is an artificial human supposedly to be the perfect embodiment of the species, originally called as Him, but ultimately rebelled against his creators and travelled to space. However, in the film, it appears to be that Adam Warlock was created by Ayesha, the golden leader of the Sovereign in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and was shown during the end credits of the film.

peter dinklage avengers infinity war role

Although Adam himself will not appear in the Infinity War despite him being a major role in defeating Thanos in the comics, Pip the Troll could be introduced here as before they met Adam.

Pip the Troll is an alien of Earth, being born in Laxidazia, who turned into a troll due to some heavy drinking with them. He was supposedly a slave of Magus but with Adam Warlock, broke through. Basically, Adam Warlock is the person who gets to manage the Infinity Stones and the Infinity Gauntlet after defeating Thanos, and Pip the Troll is his sidekick.

Yes, there are a lot of speculations to who he really is. He could be playing as Dr. Bolivar Trask, his role and the villain in “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. After all, it could be possible since Disney bought Fox, who owns X-Men. Dinklage could also play a new character. Who knows? Might as well just wait and see for ourselves. Who do you think Peter Dinklage might be?