Peter Rolita lives in Carmichael, California and works for the Kaiser Permanente Hospice Department in Roseville, California. He is also a grateful member of the Foothill Center for Spiritual Living in Auburn, California.

Author Profile

Full name: Peter Edward Rolita
Birth date: June 13, 1954
Birthplace: Hollister, California
Age: 64
No. of Books Written: 1

Interesting Facts

  • I am a people person. Most of my personal interests involve interacting with others. Most of my spare time I spend as a volunteer at my church, and other non-profit organizations that support my community. The Wisdom Project/Servant Hearts and Prime Timers of Sacramento are the main recipients of my free time. At 64 I am still working full time as a Hospice Aide, a profession I have practiced for 30 plus years. I am looking at retiring from hospice work in the near future. Last November I completed my spiritual studies with the Centers for Spiritual Living and became a spiritual counselor, acquiring another set of initials I can use after my name, RScP or Religious Science Certified Practitioner which allows me to have a private practice as a spiritual counselor, participate in the Sunday services at my church and teach accredited classes, all of which I do frequently. Other initials I can use include; LVN, CNA, and CHHA I also have a degree in Gerontology from American River College in Sacramento. I teach a class on Hospice Care for M & D Quinley on a monthly basis. I look to be quite busy when I write it all out for publication. I like the way I live my life.
  • My book, I’m Here for the Bath, is the only book I have written to date. It is a collection of short stories in which I share my experiences as a hospice aide, providing care at the bedside of hospice patients. Dying is part of the experience everyone has as part of living. It is not a question of if but of when we will experience what we call death. What is death? What does really happen? Is there more to experience after the body and the life force each of us has within us separate? I have found answers to these questions for myself while working with thousands of people as a hospice aide and I wanted to honor the people who contributed to my finding answers for myself and share this wisdom with readers of my book.
  • The book itself just flowed into my computer. I sat and thought about all the people I have met and written a Title page or heading about each of them. Then I went back and filled in what I remembered about each person and what I wanted to share about my experiences working with them. I wound up, after the editing process with Balboa Press, 56 stories. Each one touched me deeply in some way and contributed to my finding answers to the questions I have about the end of life. I believe that everyone has similar questions about their own end of life and I wanted to help others find answers to their questions in the same way that my patients and their families helped me find my own answers. My work in hospice has been a great source of comfort to me when experiencing the deaths of loved ones and friends. I have developed an inner strength that is often very meaningful to others when we are sharing the experience of the death of someone together. When I thought about what the source of my own inner strength was and where it came from, The people who I was honored to care for as a Hospice Aide kept floating to the surface, my memories of them would rise up and comfort me or give me the words to say to someone else. I’m Here for the Bath is a simple phrase I would use when introducing myself to the thousands of people I visited who were receiving hospice care. With many agency staff providing multiple services, it just became a good fit for me. That phrase was my ticket into the lives of so many people. I received so much from so many. As you read of our experiences together I know you will find answers and comfort for yourself.

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