Author Profile

Full name: Phillip Alan Scott
Age: 60
Birth Date: Novermber 21, 1957
Birth Place: Webster City, Iowa
Pen Name: Phil Scott
No. of Books Written: 4
Genre: Children’s

Interesting Facts

  • Phil often says, ‘I’ve lived several lifetimes.’ He has been a pastor, football coach, police officer, contractor, inventor, missionary, author, farmer & marathon runner. His appetite for taking risks has been both a blessing and a curse.
  • Nicknames is a peek-look into a typical 4th-5th public school. The teacher has an unusual name uses it as a spring board to communicate the challenges all children must navigate from bullies to buddies. At a deeper level, the message is to create balance when nicknames are unleashed. /li>
  • My 26 Best Friends has 26 lead characters. It is focused on teaching the use of the alphabet in ways that create memorable word pictures.

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