Some may say that this song is too outdated to be talked about, knowing that it has been released three months ago. Nevertheless, it’s still a relevant song because of Drake making an entire song and music video solely about women empowerment. I got curious about the women who were featured in the MV and would really want to know them a little bit better than the quick appearance in Drake’s song.

Fortunately, these women are empowering. Smart and driven women who are trying to mark their careers in the media industry.

If you haven’t watched Drake’s ‘Nice for What’, then click here:

1. Olivia Wilde

drake's nice for what

She is the first woman that we’ll see in the music video and right away we all know who she is. Olivia Wilde just never gets lethargic, she is still the beautiful Quorra that we loved in TRON: Legacy. She has also played in some of the best movies out there as the female heroine. One of my favorite performance from Wilde is her standout role in House M.D as Dr. Remy Hedley or a.k.a Thirteen.

2. Misty Copeland

She is well known as the ballet prodigy who started late in her career. Misty Copeland has been criticized for being too curvy or her body not fitting to the standard. She has also encountered much racist feedback from people, telling her that she is ‘too dark’ to be a ballerina. But that didn’t stop her. She dances eight hours a day, six days a week. She also has published her own book which is the Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina.

3. Issa Rae

drake's nice for what

She slew the green dress that she wore in the MV while telling supposedly ‘male colleagues’ to sit down. But to those who don’t know her, Issa Rae is a producer and actress. She is well known for her comedy web series, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl premiered on 2011. You should go and watch it out; it’s hilarious.

4. Rashida Jones

Remember the movie ‘I Love You, Man?’ where Jason Segel, Paul Rudd, Rashida Jones herself are the leading characters? The most memorable scene in the movie that I can never forget is Paul Rudd ‘Slappin Da Bass’ and I really don’t know why, but after that scene, I started looking her up and read about her bio. Rashida Jones is actually a very cool girl. Besides being a successful actress, she actually has great musical ability. She used to do backing vocals for Maroon 5 and became the director for Sara Bareilles’ music video Brave.

5. Tracee Ellis Ross

We all know her as Joan Clayton in Girlfriends and some also wouldn’t know that she is the daughter of the famous singer, Diana Ross. Tracee has been the center of controversy towards her want for compensation on ‘Black-ish’ pay disparity. Besides the spills, she is a very successful and a sought-for actress in the industry. She won about nine awards in her career and one of them is the outstanding leading actress in a Comedy Series in the series Girlfriends.

6. Tiffany Haddish

Haddish is one of our favorite protagonists in rags to riches kind of stories. The girl who used to live in a foster care facility had to witness her mom’s illness, struggling with money in her later years to pursue her comedy, and now a successful actress/comedian. Haddish even made the break-through in being one of Oprah’s best-friend! Not only is she a comedian, but she is awarded as best supporting actress in her role in Girls Trip. She also published a book ‘The Last Black Unicorn’.

7. Yara Shahidi

Co-star with Tracee Ellis Ross in ‘Black-ish’, her role as Zoey Johnson won her an NAACP Image Award as ‘Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy’. Only eighteen years old, she started her career at a very young age of six. Yara Shahidi also signed to New York’s Women Management modeling agency, with an advocacy to show more people of color in media. She is also an activist, and one of the founders of Eighteen x 18. What she said about her campaign is that “it will be a platform to encourage my peers to vote for the very first in our upcoming midterm elections.”

8. Zoo Saldana

She’s becoming a huge star after her role as Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and the latest Avengers: Infinity War. What you also don’t know about this stunning actress is she was once a ballet dancer.

9. Elizabeth and Victoria lejonhjärta

Considered as Sweden’s it girls. Identical twins Elizabeth and Victoria are not only models. They are writers, bloggers, and social media personalities too. Drake’s MV has really given them more of the limelight lately.

10. Letitia Wright

drake's nice for what

Letitia played Nish in the final season of Black Mirror named the “Black Museum” and most of all, she is very well-known as Shuri in Black Panther. This British-Guyanese actress has come a long way in her acting career, especially being casted in major roles.

11. Bria Vinaite

She is in the film ‘The Florida Project’ that was released in 2017. She is actually too early in her career as an actress but it is an achievement that she is critically acclaimed for her performance.

12. Emma Roberts

Claire Brown in Aquamarine, Poppy More in Wild Child, Casey Mathis in We’re the Millers, Chanel Oberlin in Scream Queens, etc. There are so many movies that she has been casted actually; they are too many to mention. Emma Roberts is a success.

13. Syd

Drake is so lucky to have Syd in the crew. This musical genius who is a songwriter, a DJ, and a record producer have blown our minds off with her music. One of my favorite songs from her is All About Me, which released a year ago.

14. Michelle Rodriguez

Lastly, the queen who levitated from the ground and looking like a badass as always is Michelle Rodriguez! I like her for her role in Fast and Furious. She is just one of the Latina beauties that I truly admire.

So that’s it! Those were the women who appeared in Drake’s music video. I really did go out of my way to discuss this. I think it will help myself to get the earworm out of my ears. I have been playing this song for 4 weeks now. Maybe this will also help your curious brain.