Press Onward

That day 20 years ago that I opened my door to see this sheepish handsome gentleman standing there with a scared look on his face and one red rose in his hands was undoubtedly the turning point of my life. After having been through a 14-year marriage of abuse, I was not in a hurry for another relationship, but this kind, loving, unbelievably interesting man came into my life and we have not left each other’s side since.

One of the things that brought us together was our interest in writing. I was Direct of the Infirmary at a center for handicapped children, but my true passion has always been as a writer So attempting to get to know each other, I told him I loved to write and had started a novel about an ICU nurse, a special patient, and the nurses abusive husband. He was bashful about telling me that he also loved to write and had started to write when he was in his early teens.

You have to remember this was now 20 years ago and there were not dating sites on the internet like now, we were just pen pals. It is a well-known fact that cops and nurses often get together, they tease us about it being the uniform and doughnuts. But needless to say, it often happens that way.

One of the passions that we both have is travel and during the past 20 years we have tried our best to do as much of that as possible. A lot of research was also done during our adventures that was used in George’s books, especially the westerns. His main love is science fiction, but westerns would be his second love. An instructor told him that the trick to being a good writer is to write something every day, even if just a few lines and he has practiced that most of the time.

Press Onward

George is the happiest when he is at his computer dreaming up a new planet or civilization. His head is often out in deep space all by itself floating around dreaming up new stories. I ask him once, “Where do you dream this up from?” He looked at me and replied, “Beats me, it just comes to me. And that I can believe. When he is writing, I simply leave him alone. As many writers, he will surface when he gets hungry or comes to a stopping place. It always makes me feel good when he is off in his world of space and planets because I know he is happy. In the years that we have been together we have had great times and of course some sad times, but never do we let it get us down. I think one of the funniest things that happened was on a cruise to the Caribbean a couple of years ago. On my bucket list, I had always wanted to see a sloth. Don’t know why, just did. Well, the last cruise we took, we docked in Cartagena, Columbia. I not only got to see a sloth, but got to hold him. His name was Jorge and to me he was adorable. Well, needless to say, this was not on George’s bucket list. After playing with the sloth for a few minutes, I had the owner give him to George, which wasn’t exactly what George expected at the time. The sloth had claws that were at least 3-4 inches long and looked as if they could tear you to shreds. It was almost like the sloth knew that George wasn’t really happy about the situation and was smiling at George.

Press Onward

Having served in the military and law enforcement for most of his career, the stories that he has stored can keep you intrigued for hours. He still speaks Japanese from living in Japan for 2 years and has the memory I wish I had. The hardest part of writing is not the writing, it is the frustration with getting published. With the technology of today, it is becoming more difficult, but never give up. I will always remember, my goal after George and I got married was to be his agent and get him published. I will say, I learned a lot about the business but was not real successful as an agent. Now at the ripe old age of 72, George has had his dream come true and is now a published author.

One of the tricks is to never, never give up. George has had a number of health issues in the past 10 years, but still continues with his writing. He is now in end-stage kidney disease and will have to be on dialysis to survive. Stop George, no, he will not let it. George is the only person that can write his thoughts, his dreams, and his fabulous stories. These range from the western, to dragons, to the stars and planets. Having lived with a writer for all these years, my advice to the person that writes or has the desire to write, is to do just that. Never give up. Your words will always be here for further generations. Your stories, your ideas, your dreams, your characters will live forever in print. Give up, no. This word is not in George’s vocabulary. He is and always will be my love and my soul mate, but most of all he will always be a writer.