Book lovers identify two types of books: physical book and ebook. This diversity is all thanks to the significant rise of ebook publishing in the industry. However, as ebooks continue to change the book publishing landscape these days, many book lovers still don’t consider ebooks as books. They still insist that only those published masterpieces with a physical copy are called ‘books.’

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a book is “a set of written, printed, or blank sheets bound together between a front and back cover”[1]. Going by this definition, many people believe that only physical books are qualified to be called a ‘book’. Of course, there are also others who insist that ebooks are ‘books’ considering that they provide knowledge or understanding.


Many book lovers opt for the ebook simply because they want to enjoy the convenience this provides them. For ebook readers, they don’t need to put such a heavy load inside their bag when they want to bring something to read with them. Aside from that, readers don’t have to set aside space at home for their bookshelf. If you are a minimalist, then the ebook is definitely an option you’d want to take.

In comparison to physical books, ebooks are less pricey too. No need to spend $100 for a copy of this month’s bestseller if it has an ebook version. Hence, ebooks become available to almost everyone.


While most readers are happy with ebooks, it may not be the same for the authors. Yes, having an ebook version of their book can increase their book sales. This is surely the main attraction of ebook publishing for authors. However, digital publishing faces the danger of piracy. Ebook piracy eats a big portion of an author’s book sale.

To fight ebook piracy, many digital techniques are used by authors. It may be through access codes or other limitations. Despite all that, ebook piracy remains inexorable. It doesn’t help that there are also a lot of readers who prefer to take advantage of pirated ebooks as they may be more accessible or affordable compared to the official version.


In the past few years, ebook sales have been shooting off the roof. Nowadays though, it seems that paperback sales are making a comeback. It may be due to the existence of more and more vanity presses. It may also be because the readers feel more compelled to own a physical copy of their favorite author’s masterpiece.

Despite the noticeable increase in paperback sales, it is still acceptable for authors to opt for ebook publishing. Better yet, authors should choose for Legaia Books publishing that offers both ebooks and paperbacks. That way, one can enjoy the benefits offered by both ebooks and paperbacks alike.

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