Author Profile

Full Name: Raymond Joseph Bell
Birthdate: January 31, 1943
Age: 75
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Genre: Historical Fiction
No. of Books Written: 3
Pen Name: Bobby Bell

Interesting Facts

  • Retired the United States Air Force noncommissioned officer I served for approximately thirty years, which included stints with the Navy and Army and three tours of duty in Vietnam. Outside of military service I worked as a chef and restaurant manager, I am currently with the Pasadena Texas Independent School District. I make my home in Deer Park, Texas. This is his debut novel.
  • Raised on military installations by my grandparents. Attended schools in Aberdeen Maryland, Belair Maryland, Lawton Oklahoma, on an Army Post in Fort Sill Oklahoma, Saint Petersburg Florida, Finished school in St. Petersburg Florida.
  • Joined the United States Navy in 1961, served as a cook aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, USS Coral Sea, and at Great Lakes Naval Training Center at Great Lakes Illinois. Return to the Navy I was told that I could indeed change my position, but would have to take a reduction in pay. I met an Air Force recruiter and was told the Air Force needed Air Traffic Controllers. I retired from the Air Force after serving almost a total of 30 years of military service.

Featured Books

Notable Characters Created

+ Asa Williams Sandy

+Salvatore, Dominic Torreli

+Quyen (Bird) Quyen