A collection of poems and inspirational writings that portray the deep thinking and sometimes even controversial thinking of the author about things and perspectives you may never have thought of before.  Most of her poems have been written in a unique way while using a creative play on words as she invites the reader into a glimpse of what she’s thinking in Read My Mind . . . See My Thoughts.



Read My Mind…. See My Thoughts: Collection of a Creative Play of WordsRead My Mind…See My Thoughts

By Theodora Mays

Genre: Poetry, Inspirational

Paperback: 54 pages

Publisher: BalboaPress

Language: English

ISBN-10: 150439545X


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About the Author

Read My Mind…. See My Thoughts: Collection of a Creative Play of Words

Theodora Mays is a very gifted Writer.  Her writing juices first stirred up in her in the 3rd Grade when the teacher had the class to pick a title from a list of topics and write a poem about it. Theodora chose the topic ……”Oh Summer is a fun time”!


She got an A on her work! (This, her first poem is also included in her book).  The assignment was fun to her and her love for words and rhyme took off from that point to the publishing of this book today!


For years, Theodora was paralyzed in her mind by a fear a sibling unknowingly put in her head, “Don’t let no one steal your work”. For years and years, Theodora was AFRAID to send her work off to a publishing company.  I feel that you will see throughout the pages of her book that the world is blessed that she finally got a change of mind and she broke loose of that FEAR and submitted her years of work for publication which she appropriately titled….”READ MY MIND….SEE MY THOUGHTS”.