The book Adam’s Gene and the Mitochondrial Eve is a true expedition of the origin of Adam and Eve. It revolves around the question, “Is it creation or evolution?” All the evidence, however, support the concept of evolution.

This book aims to challenge the widely held belief that God took some clay and made an effigy of man, blew his spirit into him and eventually man came into being. Of course, God has the power to do anything. But God’s actions are always based on certain laws laid down by the Almighty. Looking at the paleontology, we can see the evolutionary process.

Reconciling Science with the Core Religious Writings of Humanity

In addition, we were told that the children of Adam and Eve committed incest, and we are indeed the descendants of this sinful act. First of all, God will not order incest as he has the ability to create as many human beings as he wanted. Not only that, there were people around Adam’s time, so, there was no need to commit incest. The author would want to dispel the notion of incest as described in this book.

Also, based on archeology and the Bible, the author has located the Garden of Eden where our forefather lived. He has even proven the truthfulness of the claim of both the Bible and Quran that we are the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve through genetics and has alluded to the fact that human race can be transformed to a different race through evolution.


About the Author

Reconciling Science with the Core Religious Writings of Humanity

Ahamed V.P. Kutty was born in Kerala State in India on June 15th, 1936. After completing medical education, he received the degree of M.B.B.S from the University of Kerala. In 1970, Ahamed emigrated to the U.S for higher education in Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care Medicine and Sleep Medicine. Dr. Kutty is practicing these specialties in Kankakee, Illinois. He is married and has three sons.



Reconciling Science with the Core Religious Writings of HumanityAdam’s Gene and the Mitochondrial Eve

By Ahamed V.P. Kutty

Genre: Religion & Spirituality

Paperback: 286 pages

ISBN-10: 1441507299

ISBN-13: 978-1441507297



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