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Full name: Richard T. Cheng
Birth Date: June 4, 1934
Birth Place: Nanjing, China
Age: 84
No. of Books Written: 3
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Interesting Facts

  • I had suffered from Japanese invasion in my youthful life. Lack of food, I resorted to catch fish, snails and eels in the rice field to supplement the food at the table for me and my mom at the age of 10.
  • When I arrived in Taiwan, I discovered a cave over the mountains which was discarded by the Japanese. I led a few boys to explore the cave and found large quantity of rifle ammunition. I then extracted the gun powder and show off it in a fire display that ended up with an awful explosion.
  • When I first came to this country, I bought a car and took a few friends for a ride. It was a cold day and just after a rain, the road was coated with a layer of thin ice. Not knowing how to drive on an icy road I applied break that caused to car to spin. It was a frightening few moments before the car suddenly stopped just a few feet from a fall to the cliff.

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+ Yu-Si

+ Aziz