Whenever we ask people about Korea, they almost immediately ask “North or South?”. We aren’t all experts in politics or culture, but even a teenager knows the stark difference between the two. For the average person, South Korea is often associated with a healthy Asian democracy, the fancy and vibrant K-Pop, and a cold place with warm people. North Korea, on the other hand, is often used in the same sentence with Dictatorship, Nuclear warheads, and the hate for everything that is considered to be “Western.”

The two Korean axis has been at war with each other for 65 years. They haven’t been in a total military war with the goal to eradicate the other, but more of a “don’t-cross-here-or-we-will-attack” kind of war – a longstanding relationship full of threats and intimidation. For years, North Korea has also threatened to nuke Japan, the US, and other countries. In recent months, US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un has been mudslinging subtle threats of nuclear warfare, boasting on which of them can make greater damage with their nukes.

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Issue #48

It can be said that the North Korea and South Korea are making a big step towards unification. However, will this temporary peace really last? If you have thoughts on this, write to us!