Active in his Christian studies, Rob Ray Taylor is a retired president of a commercial business. Aside from the Alpha Omega series, he has already written three previous books, namely The Prodigal King, A Long Climb Up To The Bottom, and Esther’s Mirror. His book sales are usually used to help with the desire to provide books to the Jail and Prison Inmate.

Author Profile

Full name: Robert R. Taylor
Birth date: November 28
Age: Senior
Birth Place: Alabama, Birmingham USA
Pen Names: Rob Ray Taylor
Genre: Spirituality
Occupation: Retired Corp President / Now a Writer & Artist.
Published Books: 4

Interesting Facts

  • Im not married but I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.
  • I was nominated “Georgia Author of the Year” for 2016 book.
  • I have a website and blog “[email protected]

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