Author Profile

Full Name: Robert Lynn Malcomb, PE
Birthdate: June 13, 1956
Age: 62
Birthplace: Scottsburg, Indiana.
Genre: Humor Books, Science Fiction and a book to help 3rd World Countries with Engineering, called “Low Technology”

Interesting Facts

  • Bob is an artist. At Purdue, he signed up for a class called Creativity and Design. He thought it was an art class. It was an introduction to Engineering. He loved it and switched majors.
  • After college he designed engines for Cummins but was bored. Then he designed jets for Boeing. It still wasn’t him. So he switched to civil engineering and started going to 3rd world countries to build orphanages, hospitals, and other humanitarian buildings. He loved it.
  • Bob plans to continue speaking and writing. He is also a painter and enjoys drawing up barn plans for customers. Now days, barns are used for stores, homes and churches.

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