Not everyone is always familiar with the movies that come out from other countries. Only at times like these, a spotlight is directed towards the face of non-westernized films such as ‘Roma‘, an amazing film that is nominated in plenty of categories and has bagged a number of wins including the 91st Oscars Best Foreign Language category. The other nominees deserve to be mentioned, as well, considering they are great films and they truly deserve the spot they are given.


  1. Capernaum (Lebanon; Nadine Labaki)


An unfortunate story of 12-year-old Zain who ends up traveling to a coastal town after running away from a poverty-stricken life in the deplorable slums of Beirut. During that time, he finds himself immersed in a world with an Ethiopian immigrant called Rahil and her eight-year-old son, Yonas. He was happy enough to be taken care of. For a while, he thought it was all going to work out, with him babysitting Yonas. Things change, eventually, when Rahil suddenly disappears without a word.


  1. Cold War (Poland; Pawe? Pawlikowski)


Pianist Wiktor is searching for a variety of people who would fit his musical ensemble in the year 1949. Along the way, he discovers the enigmatic lady, who basically sings and dance, Zula. He pursues a romantic relationship with her as they travel around Europe to perform. At the height of their blossoming affinity and the smooth flow of Wiktor’s plans, the two are then plagued by the reality that their affair isn’t as perfect as they play it out to be.


  1. Never Look Away (Germany; Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck)


Kurt is an art student who grew up in Nazi Germany. Kurt simply detests the fact that all his life, his decisions solely based upon several outcomes caused by political issues. He decided to move on with his life and leave the place he basically grew up in. He found temporary freedom in the Soviet-occupied Dresden. In there, he finds love and temporary freedom that he so desires. Despite that, he still continues to be haunted by the ideologies he grew up with.


  1. Roma (Mexico; Alfonso Cuaron)


During a time of political upheaval, Cleo works as a housemaid in the early 1970s for a middle-class doctor struggling to make ends meet for his family but ends up having an intimate affair with another woman. Desperation hits the family and Cleo has to increase her workload as she intends to take care of the family’s four children.

This film bagged the much-coveted award for the 91st Oscars Best Foreign Language category.


  1. Shoplifters (Japan; Hirokazu Kore-eda)


A family uses petty theft to supplement the parents’ poor salary. However, everything changes when they take in an abandoned and abused young girl. Their devotion to each other grows stronger. Nevertheless, their crimes will always catch on to them. The result of this is the revelation of their much-kept secrets. This, in turn, threatens the relationship that they have with each other.

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