Author Profile

Full name: Rosalie Bernard
Birthplace: Ohio
Genre: Family, Children’s
No. of Books Written: 2

Interesting Facts

  • Rosalie was a high school English teacher before she retired. In her retirement, she fully intended to make each of her grandchildren a quilt. After jamming three sewing machines, she decided to write a book for each of them, instead. Her first book, Mimi and the Ghost Crab Dance, was told by her granddaughter, Ella, and grandson, Amblen. Her latest book, Mimi and the Worrywart, is about one of her grandsons who didn’t want to go to school and have to leave his family. She has five more grandchildren and one more book to go before she retires from writing.

Featured Books

Notable Characters Created

+ Worry Wort

+ Mimi