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This coming February 22, prepare for a warm sports drama running to the big screen. With Chris Dowling directing the film, Run the Race is a great movie packed with powerful performances from its cast. Its tagline generally sums up what you can look forward to in the silver screen: “The Weight of the World. The Love of a Brother.”

Run the Race talks about the story of two brothers living in a small Southern town. Suffering from the grief of their mother’s death as well as their father’s abandonment, the two brothers are desperate for a better tomorrow. One of the brothers, Zach, is a talented All-State player who has a rising potential for the football field. Through his games, he works to acquire a scholarship. In addition, he aims to eventually bring him and his brother out of the town.

However, what the brothers didn’t expect is that Zach would suffer from an injury, which eventually leads to his football opportunities slipping through his fingers. This injury dashes all of Zach’s hope. Such a thing happening is certainly devastating for Zach. It is in this state that David, Zach’s brother, took up the mantle to give the latter the hope that he deserves.



Tanner Stine and Evan Hofer play the roles of brothers Zach and Dave Truett, respectively. Other cast members starring together with Stine and Hofer in the film include Mykelti Williamson, Frances Fisher, Kristoffer Polaha, and Mario van Peebles to name a few. Tim Tebow will also be appearing in the film as himself. With the football superstar’s appearance in the film, more and more football fans are promising to watch the film online.

Run the Race is a movie that is more than just for football fans. Moviegoers who are fans of faith-based movies should watch this film as well. Rated PG, you can watch this 101-minute film in limited theaters nationwide.