Sandra A. Haynes is one of the top authors with eight published books under her belt. Most of her books provide insightful views, especially when it comes to the meaning of life and its values.

Author Profile

Full name: Sandra A. Haynes
Birth Date: December 30, 1940
Age: 77
Birth Place: New Orleans, Louisiana
Occupation: Retired Teacher
Genre: Poetry-Religious, Family, Relationships, Nature, Christmas
Additional Info: : 8 books published–From Where I Stand, Perspective, Viewpoint, Contemplation, Of Butterflies and Men, Reflections, Poems to Ponder, The Things That Matter.
Children: Kimberley Haynes-Henson, Kevin Haynes.
Grand Children: Delaney Villarreal, Danielle Villarreal, Mackenzie Henson.

Interesting Facts

  • I taught for several years in high schools and junior high and later served as a principal.
  • My twenty years before retirement were spent teaching writing and a course in education for teachers at a local college.
  • My hobbies are writing, painting, interior decorating, entertaining, and organizing programs.
  • I have recently acquired a doll collection.

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