R.L Stine is best known for giving the world Goosebumps – a collection of books, turned into movies and television series which kids and kids-at-heart loved so much despite the scare. If you are looking for a way to make this year’s Halloween more special, come as your favorite Goosebumps monster. Here are ten that you will surely love:

Bentson Family or their Zombie neighbors

What’s scarier than a haunted house? In the “Welcome to Dead House” book, the Benson family moved into their new home in Dark Falls. Little do they know that this is actually a place dominated by zombies – which requires new blood every year. In order to lure new bloods, they trick families into moving into the dead house where they get murdered.

Mr. Wood

If you think that Annabelle is scary, wait until you read about Mr. Wood from the “Night of the Living Dummy”. This toy is owned by twin sisters Kris and Lindy. It came to life and began acting evil, claiming the twins as his slaves. Even after it was decapitated, the wooden dummy still terrorized many.

Monsters of Horrorland

Every kid would love a day at the amusement park but for the book “One Day at Horrorland”, Stine made sure everyone would be terrified. If rides like Coffin Cruise won’t scare you, we are not sure what will.

The Monster Beneath the Sink

Everyone has had an experience of getting frightened of the monsters beneath the bed. In the book “It Came from Beneath the Sink!”, Stine terrified kids as getting near the kitchen sink is probably the last thing they wanted after introducing this monster. Well, after all the dirt this dark corner of the house acquires, it is probably true after all.

The Ghost of Camp Cold Lake

In what seems to be a cross between Mean Girls and the Sixth Sense, the “Curse at Camp Cold Lake” will give you serious chills about camping with mean people and plotting a revenge. Sarah has been the victim of the mean bullies and her way to get back at them was to pretend to drown in the lake. Her plans got foiled when the ghosts of Camp Cold Lake decided to make her their eternal buddy.

The Haunted Mask

Wearing a mask for Halloween is common but still, a lot of people find this convenient enough to scare others. In this book, a horrifying mask took over the face of the wearer and the evil spirit behind it makes that person do bad things. What’s worse? You can never take the mask off.

Terror Tower RATS

In the “A Night in Terror Tower”, a wave of RATS almost overtook two children of the haunted Terror Tower. The ancient spells nearly locked them in ancient times, too. This is a good Halloween idea for those who want to scare many kids, by turning their homes into Terror Tower but instead of fright, kids get a lot of treats.

The Scarecrow that Walks at Midnight

When you watch a horror movie and the setting is on a field, the moment you spot a scarecrow, you instantly know that this is where the horror begins. For this particular book, a scary scarecrow terrorizes Jodie and Mark who just came to their grandparents’ farm to pay a visit. With an incantation that turned the scarecrows to life and turns into humans, the horror began – truly a perfect idea at a time when corn mazes are abundant.

The Werewolf of Fever Swamp

No, we don’t mean Jacob Black from Twilight or Remus Lupin from Harry Potter. In Stine’s world, the werewolf of Fever Swamp is out to kidnap kill, and attack people and animals. What’s scarier than that?

King Jellyjam

Just how scary the Jellyjam camp could be? In “The Horror at Camp Jellyjam”, the monstrous glob of goo named King Jellyjam kidnapped the best athletes from the camp and turned them into his slaves. It seems Stine has a thing with summer camps.

Which of these Stine characters do you feel scariest in?