There are so many ideas out in the world that all we need is a pen and paper to capture their beauty and make it our own. My story will challenge the reader to consider how far would they go to gain their family back! Difficult situations and life-changing decisions will have you asking yourself, “What would I do!?” The science fiction world is a very interesting genre in which to write. The bigger the imagination, the more endless possibilities you can create! For me, to have been able to write my very first story is a dream come true. As cliché as it sounds, my story started as a dream which was so vivid and exceptionally detailed that I was inspired and encouraged to write it down.

17 Years: Soldiers of Tomorrow will be a two-part novel and I am extremely proud of how this story has evolved. Because of my love for movies and films, the way I decided to write my story was exactly how I would envision it in a movie. My goal was to keep from overemphasizing certain aspects of the story while simultaneously creating a vivid picture so that readers are fully engaged and can put themselves in the character’s shoes. The majority of the characters in the novel are actual people in my life, which made the writing more personal and kept me more focused on the roles that they would play. That feature played a crucial part in keeping the realism and the authenticity of a great story.

Seeing Reality by the Fragments of Our Thoughts


After being taken against his will, R’mon has been shown the mysteries of the universe! Upon returning from his journey, he discovers that his life has dramatically changed, and he must do his best to adjust and get back to his family. Not only does he carry the burden of the worst news in history, but he begins to learn that there are others like him prepping for the fateful day to stop this monstrosity that will challenge Earth’s survival. With these newly formed “gifts” he and others adapt, they can become the greatest weapon in saving humanity.

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Seeing Reality by the Fragments of Our Thoughts

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