Author Profile

Full name: Serena J. Reed
Birthplace: Okmulgee, Oklahoma
Nickname: Cookie
No. of books written: 2

Interesting Facts

  • The first book “Christmas out of the ordinary” is meant to touch each reader in a different way, from the curious neighbor to the relatives who love the simple life that are used to things not changing but find out that they have a hard time accepting that things in life do change. The second book “Amy’s Story” is based on true events that lets you know that you can climb mountains with God’s help. (friends and family members that read “Amy’s Story” like it but wanted to read more and thus “Amy 2 is being birthed out of this) Each book is small Christ-based booklets and can be read to the whole family, in 30 minutes. It is my desire that the readers get pleasure and laughs from these books.

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