Shekinah Unveiled: Rediscovering the True Bride of Christ is a groundbreaking Bible commentary which is unlike any of its contemporaries its investigation into the often mentioned, and perennially misunderstood, Bride of Christ. Taking a stand contrary to its competitors, which variously define Christ’s bride as being Israel, the Church, or both, Shekinah Unveiled boldly disproves all of these by proving not only who Christ’s true bride is, but also how it was that such a falsehood originated, and became established within Christianity as a whole, something no known Bride of Christ commentary has ever attempted before.

            Everyone that reads Shekinah Unveiled can expect to reap the fruits of a thoroughly researched journey which looked at 1) what academic, ministerial, and lay people alike believe about the Bride of Christ, and the reasons which undergird those beliefs; 2) what the relevant passages actually say, as opposed to what they are interpreted to say, within both the Old Testament, and the New Testament; 3) The extent to which nearly two millennia of misunderstanding has infected various key branches of the Christian faith: The Trinity, Christ, The Church, and Marriage in particular; 4) the pagan movements which actually generated the doctrines that transform, and seemingly Christianize themselves, to the point that they become the story which the Church world now, at large holds to; 5) how the Image of God manifests itself in both male and female equally within humanity, and within the Trinity.

Shekinah Unveiled

The message conveyed through Shekinah Unveiled: Rediscovering the True Bride of Christ is the vital necessity that all Christians understand why we believe what we believe, and then go the next step to ensure that what we believe is what the Bible itself says. My journey into what became this book began years ago with a burning curiosity to reconcile how it was that the same men which declared homosexuality to be a sin would, at the same time, declare all men were part of the Bride of Christ, and would one day be married to Jesus, which is a homosexual relationship, which they were opposed to. Those studies evolved into what became the first edition of Shekinah Unveiled. However, after gaining the language tools necessary to further investigate this topic, which is vitally relevant within Christianity today, I returned to it once more, this time with an intention of taking an ironclad stand which would be rooted firmly within credible sources and well-researched material. This same dedication and resolve need to be taken regarding every facet of every belief which any Christian holds too to ensure that it is indisputably in line with the whole body of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation.

Christianity today is wrestling with same-sex marriage, adoption, transgenderism, and various other questions related to the LGBTQ equation and endeavoring to defend traditional marriage from a false Bridal Church paradigm which is not only unscriptural but utilizes the same homosexual relationships which traditional marriage proponents are staunchly against. Shekinah Unveiled, by identifying the true Bride of Christ, creating a scriptural definition, and concise theological Bride of Christ model, is able to legitimately address which persons of the Godhead both the first male and female humans were created in the Image of, explain what the marriage covenant between a man and woman depicts within the Trinity between these two divine persons, and thereby enables any academic, theologian, minister, or layperson, to take a bold, straight from the Scriptures stand concerning biblical sexuality being fixed and unchanging, a biblical basis for heterosexual marriage and families, and a literal understanding of how it was that Adam and Eve were both created in God’s image, all from the Scriptures, without compromise. These facts make Shekinah Unveiled: Rediscovering the True Bride of Christ a must buy for Christians across all denominations, and within all classifications of Christian ministry: academic, ministerial, or layperson serving in a local church, and as a detailed devotional for any individual believer in their personal study time within the Scriptures.

Shekinah Unveiled

I am a driven lover of knowledge and learning, therefore I study for my own pleasure, first and foremost, and my love of writing is motivated both by a desire to make that which I have learned indelibly permanent in my own memories, hence why I journal, and is bonded to my love of sharing with others those amazing things I have learned, both through words, with people I know, and through words on paper, digital or real, with those I have not met. My calling and driving ambition from God is to proclaim God’s unchanging truth wherever Christ enables me, and that has guided me, not only in my personal pursuit of knowledge but also in my academic career and preparation for a future full-time ministry of service proclaiming the Scripture’s timeless truth. Such a drive led me to Schambach Ministries Gospel School of Ministry (2011) followed by Biblical, where attained my certificate in Foundations of Christian Theology (2011) and then, with much prayer, and help in finding a school that met my needs, and was fully biblically based and conservative as well, to Andersonville Theological Seminary. My studies have flourished here in my time as a student, learning from professors filled with a fiery passion for that which they teach, and at Andersonville I have attained my Associate of Biblical Studies (2011), Bachelor of Theology (2012), Master of Theology (2013), Master of Divinity (2018), and am currently enrolled in my Doctor of Ministry program.

My burning passion is to learn answers to questions which no one has dared to ask, or, if they have asked, no one has sought to answer before, because I know the answers are there, in Scripture, waiting to be mined, if only I will look. It is this driving passion which draws me to my studies, and to share because I know, people need answers, and God, through his grace, has equipped me with the tools, and the desire, to find those answers. This is what led me to begin researching the Bride of Christ, almost twenty years ago, and to take those answers, transform them into Shekinah Unveiled: Rediscovering the True Bride of Christ, and in so doing, necessarily embrace the controversy which comes whenever tradition is questioned, and truth is rendered glaringly apparent after being ignored for so long.

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