Written in the third person perspective, Short Stories for a Lazy Afternoon is about fantasy-laced situations that the characters find themselves in. The author vividly describes what happens throughout each story.
The take away message is such that although sometimes, we may find ourselves in challenging situations, we must always try to look to the brighter side and focus on positive outcomes. The author has gotten inspiration from observing the many stressors that children encounter on a daily basis. She has also been inspired from reading many of Dr. Seuss’ books as a child.

Short Stories for a Lazy Afternoon

The book’s invitation stands for children and adults alike to “come away and take a break,” and create their own version of a relaxing, Lazy Afternoon while reading this book. It contains a lighthearted, colorful mix of stories that will be favored by many for years to come.

About the Author

Jeannine Green was born and raised in East Springfield, Massachusetts. She currently lives in sunny Florida with the rest of her family, a long-haired dachshund named Lex, and a chubby amphibian named Toad who sits outside at night, watching the neighborhood.

Short Stories for a Lazy Afternoon

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