After the success of R.L. Stine’s regular Goosebumps books, he created the Give Yourself Goosebumps series. The success of the original series made Scholastic decide to have Stine write the gamebooks as a spinoff to the original series. They were written with more than just a single ending, which of course, gives the author the opportunity to scare the readers more.

Similar to the books Choose Your Own Adventure, the books offer more than twenty endings. The reader will have to make a choice by rolling a dice, flipping a coin, or some other means. Below are the eight special editions that Stine wrote under this series.

Into the Jaws of Doom

Book 1 of the Special Edition series, you are trapped in the Hall of Science where there is a mad Super Computer that is hell-bent on keeping him there forever. The ultimate challenge her is escaping from the hall and you can use all the tools inside to help protect yourself against the numerous enemies lurking about.

Return to Terror Tower

An interactive adventure, this is a sequel to Book 27 of the regular Goosebumps series. Here, you will have t go through a fright-filled time as you make your way out of the Middle Ages.

Trapped in the Circus of Fear

The third special edition gamebook, this is a power play edition where you must choose the appropriate power objects in order to showcase the Earths creepiest show. Fail and you will likely end up becoming one of the unlucky sideshow freaks.

One Night in Payne House

Those that dare enter the premises of the haunted House of Payne must be ready get their wills tested in a chilling, frightful battle as they confront the spookiest creatures ever known from the dog with an old woman’s head to the Tongue Thing. Bear in mind, there is only one way out.

The Curse of the Cave Creatures

This fifth special power playbook will have readers choose unique power objects that they can take along as they go through a hiking adventure. Here, they will have to face the Evil Bear as they trek the wild wilderness.

Revenge of the Body Squeezers

Jack Archer is back in this chiller where blue aliens exist along with their body squeezer device. The device can scrunch a person down to the size of a tennis ball and you will be part of the spooky adventure.

Trick or …Trapped!

In this seventh special edition gamebook, the reader will embark on a night of trick or treating, but with a twist. Set in a rich neighborhood, you’ll find out soon enough that nothing really is what it seems. Here, every house holds a frightening secret and it’s up to you to find the best ending.

Weekend at Poison Lake

The final book of the special edition series, here, you’ll be vacationing in some creepy woods and you will need to pick one lucky number to get through it. You’ll need all the luck in the world too especially since outside of the cabin lurk weird aliens, freaky wildlife, as well as a lake that seems to hide something really smelly.