If you are looking for evidence that the afterlife exists, then Spirit Speaks is the book for you.  If you have doubts about life beyond the death of the physical form, then the voice of spirit through this book may help you to find peace.

Spirit Speaks shares with the reader thirty case studies; individual stories from people who have found solace, healing, closure, and guidance by having contact with loved ones who have died.  It also includes experiences that have occurred within workshops, stories of telephone conversations, and connections to spirit guides.

There are many books on the market now that address life beyond death by brave and wonderful authors.  It is heartening to see the coming together of science and the spirit realm.  They never have been separated.  How can they be?  Energy is energy. The whole universe is made up of energy. Science and spirit have always walked hand in hand since this amazing cosmos began.  Inside all of us is a spirit that does not die when the engines of the vehicles we are moving around in – our bodies – die.  Our spirit returns to its true home back in the spirit world.

SPIRIT SPEAKS: A Medium’s Communication With the Realm of Spirit

So, what is the difference between Spirit Speaks and other books that are on the market?  These are intimate and deeply personal stories that have come from the little red couch in my consultation room.  The names of the people have been changed to preserve their privacy, but all else is exactly what happened.  There can be no denying the reality of what evolved in these sessions.  Over and over, what came through from loved ones in spirit were validated as being correct by these beautiful people.  And these people bear witness to the authenticity of Spirit Speaks.

My work, as a psychic medium and counselor, has brought me into contact with a large range of people from all walks of life, and a wide range of ages and social backgrounds. I have come to understand that death is a leveling experience, regardless of

  • what education a person has
  • what level of society a person comes from
  • what their nationality is
  • what are their religious beliefs

Death and grief know no boundaries. Behind our veils that hide who we are, we are basically the same. Each one feels pain and loss when loved ones pass over. Grief and death bring people back to the basic level playing field.

SPIRIT SPEAKS: A Medium’s Communication With the Realm of Spirit

I have always been a writer. Even as a child in school I loved to write poetry.  I love experimenting with words.  I love the fact that my native English language is an ever-evolving one that has so many expressions through so many different cultures.  What other language is there that has changed so much since the time of Shakespeare and beyond? So what drove me, inspired me to write this particular book?

Over the years of working as a combined counselor and psychic medium, I became frustrated that I could only touch a small number of people and help them to find peace in their journey with grief. The passion within me to share what I have known since I was seven years of age, to share the wonderful excitement of a world beyond our wildest dreams, to help people move out of their doubts and limiting beliefs, became a passion I could no longer ignore.  I adore my personal work with individuals.  I adore watching people grow, expand, and step into childlike wonder through my workshops. But still was the niggling feeling that I could reach more people through a book than I could with the personal interactions with them.  Spirit Speaks was born.

It is my dearest wish that Spirit Speaks becomes a best seller. Why? Not because I want fame, nor the sight of my bank account building (nice as that would be) but because in becoming a best seller, I will know you people are reading about the stories my clients are bringing to you; stories that may align with your stories, and outcomes that may give you peace, hope, and an assuredness of your own immortality. Science tells you that energy cannot disappear. It can change form, like water to steam, but it always exists. Why should we be any different? Death is just a curtain between one form of life and another form of life. When we walk through that curtain, we leave behind a physical body that no longer serves us, but the real us—the mind, emotions, and soul that create our true essence—goes on living.

Publisher Review

Spirit Speaks has first been published by Balboa Press.  Here is what the editor of Balboa Press has had to say in her summing up of Spirit Speaks:

“I enjoy reading books that celebrate the wonderful possibility of the human experience, and yours falls nicely into that category. Your approach is grounded, intelligent, and friendly; reading this book is like having lunch with a trusted friend. It’s no small task to write about this sort of topic—and you do it with style, sincerity, and integrity.

Your style is quite approachable, conversational, and supportive; it’s just the right tone for this sort of project.  Your enthusiasm and qualifications to inspire are undeniable.  Your work is an ambitious attempt to both introduce and explain a complicated topic, and you succeed.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with your project, and I wish you every possible success.”

Spirit Speaks captures the intensity of pain and sorrow, but also the excitement and joy as people make the transition from being in the shadows of their existence to embracing healing and awakening to inner beauty, strength, and courage. In the spirit world, our loved ones and guides have an abundance of love to give.  It is time to let them in.

About the Author

Joy Brisbane

At about the age of seven, Joy Brisbane became aware that she was able to see beings that her parents called her ‘imaginary friends’.  She quickly learned that it was best to keep her friends to herself.  Back in the 1950s psychic ability was not as accepted as it is now.

Throughout her life she continued to hide her ability to communicate with spirit beings, fearing the ridicule that came when she dared to try and share her experiences.  When she became a widow in 2002, she decided to step into doing what she came into this lifetime to do – to be the psychic medium she was born to be.

Stepping into her new life had many challenges: the loss of friends who thought she had lost all sensibility, facing her fears of ridicule, and facing up to a complete change in lifestyle.  But what Joy has gained in return is great satisfaction and joyfulness in being able to help others face their challenges, a sense of peace in knowing she is now being true to self, and the excitement of watching others discover their own beautiful selves.

Joy has trained in nursing and counselling.  She completed many other courses such as Theta Energy Healing and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  She now combines all of her training and psychic skills to help others to come into self-awareness and healing.  In her sessions with clients, Joy brings through messages from their loved ones, introduces them to their helpers/guides in the realm of spirit, works through problems the client may have, particularly those related to grief, and helps them explore who they truly are and what path they want to walk in life.

Joy has written poetry since 1971 and published in newspapers, literary magazines and anthologies in England, United States of America, India and Australia. Joy has self-published four volumes of poetry.  In 2003 she launched her CD, Words and Rhythm – thirty poems backed with music and sound effects by her son Robert Bell PhD. In 2004 Joy began a poetry competition called The Reason-Brisbane Poetry Prize in memory of two men – her husband, Jeff Brisbane, and a friend, Len Reason. After Jeff died in 2002, Joy wrote When Do the Tears Stop?  Since then she has written Spirit Alliance and Spirit Speaks (Foreword by Steven Farmer PhD).  Joy has commenced writing two further books: The Healer’s Way (biographies of healers from all genres of healing) and In My Mother’s Shadow (Joy’s journey with her daughter).

Joy lives in the central highlands of Victoria, Australia.

SPIRIT SPEAKS: A Medium’s Communication With the Realm of Spirit

Purchase of Joy’s books can be made through her website www.joybrisbane.com

Joy Brisbane is also the author of two other books – When Do the Tears Stop? and Spirit Alliance.   Details and purchasing of these two books can be seen on her website www.joybrisbane.com