“Return to the Carnival of Horrors” is the sequel to the very first book in the Give Yourself Goosebumps gamebook series. It is also the twenty-second book in the series of fifty.

The plot revolves around a carnival that has come to town. Your uncle and aunt decided to take you and your cousin Floyd as a surprise. Tagging along is Patty, the very same girl who also appeared in the first series.

Your uncle then drives you along with your friends to the carnival and instructs you three to go in as he tries to look for parking with your aunt. You enter the fairgrounds cautiously where you then slowly realize that you have actually stepped into the Carnival of Horrors. Again. Now, you must escape the fairgrounds or you will be forever trapped inside.

You have the choice of blending with the rest of the crowd on the midway or riding some of the attractions in the fair. If you choose the midway, you will need to win three games and then face Big Al in the final challenge to escape. If midway is not where you want to be, you can explore some of the rides at the fair to see if they offer any way of escape.

There are only three good endings in the gamebook and eighteen bad ones. Below are some of the spooky ends you might meet as you play along.

Becoming a tool

In this ending, Big Al turns you into tools that he then uses to fix Igor, his robot.

Wisped in purple

In this ending, you encounter a booth operator who promises you that you are not going to be wisped away by a blue tornado if you will lose the game. However, when you do lose, you get wisped away by a tornado, not a blue one but a purple one instead.

Exploding robot

At the carnival booth, you manage to win a robot. However, the robot then starts counting down how much time you have left to escape. You attempt to have it required in order to gain more time but the robot exploded instead.

Crushed by Jupiter

You make the wrong guess o how much your weight is going to be on Jupiter. As a result, you get crushed by the gravity of the planet.

Skeletal decor

While playing Q Quest, you ended up landing on the symbol showing the skull and crossbones. As a result, you get turned into a skeleton yourself and is then used as a carnival decoration.