The latest trailer for the Bumblebee movie has made us aware that the reboot will be more than just a whole new Transformers movie. In fact, it is probably one of the few films in the Transformers franchise that will stay true to its original 80’s material.

The highly-anticipated Transformers film is the prequel to all of the other film in the franchise under Michael Bay’s directorship in the past. In this film, we will be taken back to the ’80s. Here are the throwback Autobots and Decepticons we get to meet in the Bumblebee 2019 film:

1. Bumblebee

As he is the titular character of the film, of course, we can see him in the trailer! For this film though, he won’t be mimicking the body of a Chevy Camaro. This time, he’ll be staying true to his original form, which is the mustard yellow Volkswagen Beetle.

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2. Optimus Prime

The mighty leader of the Autobots, as expected, makes his appearance in the Bumblebee 2019 film trailer. This version that we see in the trailer is almost an exact replica of the fearless block-chested appearance of the ’80s G1 design.

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3. Shockwave

We’ve seen Shockwave lose a fight to Optimus Prime back in the climactic battle of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Now, we’ll see this unique Decepticon back on-screen. Shockwave, Megatron’s trusted scientist, will sport same purple look as his G1 design instead of the silver color in the previous Transformers films.

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4. Starscream

With the Decepticons as the home of the bad guys, it is of no surprise to find a backstabber there, correct? A double-crosser is exactly what Starscream is. He aims to overthrow Megatron from the leading role. He wants to usurp the throne and be the leader himself.

5. Soundwave

Known for his tapedeck chest, Soundwave is one of the popular Decepticons. He is a spymaster who, instead of taking the form of a car, prefers a Sony Walkman form. He dispatches animal robots to spy on the movements of the Autobots.

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6. Ravage

Ravage is not only one of the Decepticons with a strong sense of loyalty towards Megatron, but he is also Soundwave’s most reliable spies. He usually prefers hiding in the shadows before striking out at the most crucial moment, which make his name synonymous with stealth.

7. Eject

An Earth-sports junkie – that is who Eject is. If Eject is truly in the Bumblebee film, as what the trailer implies, then this will be the first appearance of the said robot in the silver screen since the 1980s. He is an Autobot who is tasked with surveillance activities on the Decepticons.

8. Blitzwing

A Decepticon Seeker who is a Triple Changer, Blitzwing is popular due to his ability to change from his robot form to either a jet or a tank. However, Travis Knight, director of the Bumblebee movie, said in an interview that fans will most probably only be seeing one form aside from his robot form though.

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9. Shatter and Dropkick

Blitzwing isn’t the only Triple Changer Decepticon in the Bumblebee 2019 film. Two other major characters who can change into more than one form include Shatter and Dropkick. Shatter will take on a Harrier Jet form in the Bumblebee film as well as a Plymouth Satellite vehicle. On the other hand, Dropkick will be a Bell AH-1 Supercorba attack helicopter as well as an AMC Javelin.

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The new Bumblebee movie will feature Hailee Steinfeld (Pitch Perfect 2 & 3) and WWE star John Cena together with Jorge Lendeborg (Spider-Man: Homecoming), Ricardo Hoyos (The Belko Experiment), Jason Drucker (Diary of Wimpy Kid), and Gracie Dzienny (Chasing Life). It is released in theaters on December 21, 2018.