Golden State Warriors point guard, Stephen Curry, doesn’t want to only be a big winner on the NBA court. He is now aiming to shoot for Hollywood success with his own production company, Unanimous Media.

stephen curry launches unanimous media

What Unanimous Media Will Stand For

Curry is one of the few athletes who is known for their wholesome image. Curry, himself, is known for his Christian faith and for being a family man. Thus, it is not surprising for him to express that his Unanimous Media’s content will center around these genres. In partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment, Unanimous Media is in the works to create TV shows, films, video games, and other consumer products that reflect on faith, family, and even sports.

Basically, he is planning to produce movies and TV shows that are Christian-leaning and family-friendly.

There are already several projects underway. One is an animated movie which will feature a biblical story. Another one, which already has the title “Church Hoppers”, is a comedy film that has a similar tone to the “Wedding Crashers”.

Will Curry Stop Playing Basketball Now?

As the news of his production company surprised everyone, many questions regarding his status as a basketball player emerged. Will he stop playing for the Golden State Warrior now and focus on producing in Hollywood?

No, of course not.

Curry promises not to lose focus on his basketball career. In fact, he insists that playing in the NBA is his “day job” and that he will play for as long as possible. Moreover, while Curry may be the one to launch Unanimous Media, the one who will be at the helm of the said production company will be Jeron Smith.

stephen curry launches unanimous media

He Isn’t The Only One

Stephen Curry isn’t the first NBA player who has dipped his hands on Hollywood. In fact, he already has several predecessors.

Who can forget the 1996 film “Space Jam”, after all? This film stars Looney Tunes characters interacting with the legendary NBA player Michael Jordan.

In the most recent years, the most popular example would probably be Kobe Bryant. He has starred in an animated short film entitled “Dear Basketball”. That film earned him an Academy Award.

However, the one who is probably taking the most similar path to Curry is LeBron James. Aside from starring in Hollywood films like “Trainwreck”, he has also created a production company (just like Curry!) which is the Spring Hill Productions.