Netflix has been on the roll the past few years. This online streaming platform has provided its members quite a large variety when it comes to movies and TV shows. Some of them were satisfying while others ended up getting canceled.

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This year, Netflix will once again roll out a couple of shows that you should keep an eye on. These films are targeted at gay demographics. Here are the five gay shows worth streaming on Netflix this 2019:

1. Blue Is the Warmest Color

It follows the story of two teenage girls, Adèle and Emma, as they fall in and out of love. Through Emma, Adèle discovers a lot about herself.

2. Duck Butter

With director Miguel Arteta co-writing the screenplay of this show together with Alia Shawkat, the film is highly anticipated to hit it big. Shawkat, together with Laia Costa, will star as the couple who discovers what intimacy truly means after meeting each other.

3. G.B.F.

With the show’s genre under teen comedy, everyone is in for some silly laugh. The story of “G.B.F.” follows a high school boy as he becomes the most popular chap in school. This is after he has outed himself to everyone! He gets so popular that all queen bees in school would want him as their number one gay best friend!

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4. King Cobra

LGBTQ shows aren’t only for comedy and romance. It doesn’t only cover coming-of-age stories that promote gay rights. There’s also one show slated for release this may that is based on a true story! “King Cobra” is a true-to-life story of two producers who aim to buy out gay porn star Brent Corrigan’s contract. Things don’t go well though as they get embroiled in a murder plot.

5. Other People

Another one that hits close to home, “Other People” is a semi-autobiographical show that follows a gay man as he returns home to his family. Although the family is conservative, they open their doors to him so he can be with his mom who is suffering from cancer.