Summer is a fun time to dress up. Consider all the lovely pastels, bold prints, and different cuts that can make you stand out. Sure, summer is every fashionista’s favorite time except maybe if you are someone who thinks you can’t “stand out” because you are a petite girl.

We understand that you want to also look as stunning as those ramp models. Here, we will help you understand that height doesn’t matter in fashion. Read on for some tips to own summer in the most fashionable way:

Empire Waists for the Bustier Ones

Every shape is worth celebrating, and for bustier women, a few empire waists in the closet can go a long way. Empire waists accentuate a woman’s asset while hiding the flabs.

summer fashion tips for the petite

Another go-to style for busty women is a fitted top paired with a high-low skirt. The fitted top emphasizes your shape while the skirt balances the look.

Go For Kid’s Size if You Must

There is no denying that kids’ clothes are becoming trendier. Even if some brands have dedicated “petite” lines, the size still does not make it to the cut. The overall look may not flatter you, too. However, if you check some of the offerings in the kids’ section, there may be styles and sizes that fit you perfectly. Even better, these cost less, too.

Use Layers

summer fashion tips for the petite

Sometimes, you have these lovely articles inside your closet, but they are too big for you that you avoid wearing them. The good news is, you can always layer them to fake a perfect fit. Seems odd for summer? Layering is for all seasons so don’t worry about the weather.

Use Easy DIY Alterations

Who says altering clothes need to be difficult? If you know basic stitches, you can turn any oversized clothing into summer-friendly garments that fit perfectly.

Summer is also a perfect time for wearing ripped jeans and cut-out uppers. Take the ones that are too big for you and start cutting them. You will be amazed at how fashionable they will turn out.

Cuff Long Shirts

If you have flowy long-sleeved shirts, you can always cuff them up to the elbows. Doing so This will emphasize your shape, keep a business look, and keep you fresh in the warm weather.

Cuff the Hem of Your Pants

One of the biggest problems of petite women are pants that are too long. It is such a disappointment especially that there are a lot of nice-fitting pants only that they are a little too long. To solve the problem, cuff them up until the ankles and pair them with pumps.

summer fashion tips for the petite

Horizontal Stripes and Patterns are Your Best Friends

Summer is all about pretty colors and patterns, and this is the best time to look for ones with horizontal prints. These do not just play up your look, the stripes also make you look taller.

summer fashion tips for the petite

Maxis Are Nice But…

Who says petite women can’t wear maxis? Everyone can. What girls with smaller frames need to remember though is that they need to pay close attention to the silhouette of their maxi dresses and skirts. Opt for ones that highlight your shape even if they reach the floor. The roomy ones will only make you look smaller.

Balance is Key

Remember to always seek balance when wearing a top and bottom. Most of the time, you can wear a crop top with high-waisted skirts or shorts to highlight your shape. Remember that balancing the upper and bottom articles will help you keep a balanced look without sacrificing your shape.

Use the Same Color for Clothes and Shoes

Making you look elongated is not a difficult science to master because anyone can look tall even with just a few inches of heels. Pair your shoes and bottoms that are similar in color so your legs will look longer, too.

summer fashion tips for the petite

Never be Afraid to Experiment with Colors

Summer is all about bright colors, and this is actually the perfect time for any petite girl to shine. Using bright and bold colors truly play up a petite girl’s look without having to try too hard. So go ahead and wear that bright yellow Lala Land-inspired dress!

Embrace your Height and be Confident

At the end of the day, your height, shape, or color will not matter at all. You can always enjoy different types of clothes, especially during the warm months. Wear confidence and it will exude perfectly.