Tana Mongeau is just one of the social media starlet who let power get through her head and because of it, it has frustrated thousands of her fans who went to her failed convention in Anaheim, California. Even if the event happened weeks from today, I just want to shed light on the controversy and remind people that we shouldn’t forget about it.

Everything You Need to Know About TanaCon

Before writing a lengthy rant about TanaCon, let me just summarize the things that everyone needs to know why TanaCon is agreed to be a ‘disastrous event’. Tana had this brilliant idea to make a fan-friendly version of Vidcon. She was giving out free tickets to people who reserved online in May and there were also VIP tickets available for $65. There is also a promise that they were also handing out goodie bags that are worth quadruple than the tickets.

tanacon disaster youtube convention

More facts that you also need:

1. She only had two months to prepare for this convention. Two months! If you are going to announce an event that will cater to 5000+ people, then you need more than two months to plan for that. No wait, you need at least a year to plan for it. Let the Green brothers explain to you how stressful it is to plan a convention.

2. TanaCon is set on the same day as Vidcon. Meaning, there were creators who couldn’t make it to Tana’s event because they were scheduled to be on Vidcon the same time as they are scheduled in TanaCon. Yikes.

3. Tana and Good Times were lying about not knowing the total capacity in the hotel. It turned out that the Marriot Hotel can only hold up to 1150 people.

4. Therefore, talking about capacity, there were only 1000+ people who got in the hotel and the other 4000+ people had to wait outside.

5. There wasn’t food, drinks, or cover for people who were fried under the sun in TanaCon.

6. Michael promised that security personnel would reach to 100 but in the event, only 40 security guards were there.

7. Those who bought VIP tickets were frustrated because they were on the same line as those who only had free tickets.

8. In the end, those who had ‘free tickets’ had to buy a VIP ticket just so that they are allowed to get inside.

Shane Dawson Spilling the Tea

Just recently, Shane Dawson made a three-part series about TanaCon, it’s supposed to be an inside look and leaked information about the event. And I should give kudos to Shane because he totally showed more scandalous information about the whole thing and he is genuine about feeling bad for the people who were there waiting.

tanacon disaster youtube convention

Due to him digging in the drama, there was this one scene of Michael, Tana, and a bunch of people talking about the hotel’s capacity. And you could literally hear Tana saying, “I love that for us. It would be really cool to have people like outside waiting to get in. People like being oppressed outside.”

And then the entirety of the video is Tana getting all sentimental, crying to Shane’s arms how bad she feels about the whole thing and how clueless she is about it. The comment sections in Shane’s video are also totally not convinced of Tana. They said that she is a pathological liar and she is lying all over again. Trying to look like the good guy even though the majority of the people aren’t in favor of her.

The tea isn’t also just for Tana but to Good Times too. Michael is too young to be the head of this event. He should have thought about this thoroughly and I feel very bad to see his reputation shattered because of this.

Also, she is much more concern about looking like a good guy rather than owning up to her mistakes. And the topic about the refund, good Lord I don’t even know if that’s ever going to happen for those people who paid.

Personal Thoughts

I am not saying that Tana is a monstrous beast who is an embodiment of idiocy. It would too personal on this website, and if I said that, I would be kicked off in my blogging platform here. I am just furious about the whole thing. About the fact that thousands of people got scammed. There were teenagers who badly convinced their parents to spend money on this and all of these people were expecting for their creators to be there. And what do they get? A painful-looking sunburn and a goodie bag that has a condom in it.

Just to give you a benefit of a doubt, I understood why Tana wanted to do TanaCon. She did look convincing about making a better version of VidCon, I mean I would totally be up for it.

But at the end of the day, we kind of knew that this wasn’t about for her audience. It was about her getting revenge on VidCon and that she can prove that she can do way much better than them.