The Oscars this year (2019) certainly have plenty on their plate and it’s all thanks to an abundance of wonderful movies and even more awe-inspiring people that have worked to keep it that way. As usual, there were plenty of categories that make up the ever-so-famous awards show and each group had beautiful and remarkable nominees. One of the categories that people were looking forward to the most was the Best Actress division and suffice to say, the names of the nominees that came up were definitely something. These ladies, of course, are well-known for their craft but you’d be surprised to know that some of these ladies are first time nominees, but let’s not isolate the ones that have definitely made it to the list… again.

Yalitza Aparicio in Roma

Yalitza Aparicio may not be a name that many people would recognize the first time they hear it. Rest assured though, this amazing actress is sure to move you with her acting. Her ability to be truly versatile. In Roma, Yalitza Aparicio plays a maid of Mixteco heritage named Cleo. She works for a doctor’s family in Mexico City during the early 1970s where troubles soon begin to arise for the married couple at some point.

Glenn Close in The Wife

Glenn Close plays Joan Castleman; a selfless woman who basically gave up her career and aspirations to fully support her author husband, who ends up having an affair with a student. In the moments to come, her husband is about to realize what his life’s crowning achievement really is.

Olivia Colman in The Favourite *WINNER*

Olivia Colman portrays Queen Anne, Great Britain’s ruler who is known for being capricious, fickle, and headstrong. Set during the early 1700s, a time where her sly and shrewd courtiers joust for her favor and political power.

Lady Gaga in A Star is Born

This might be Lady Gaga’s first nomination as an actress but she killed it. She plays Ally in A Star is Born, a singer-songwriter plagued by unwanted insecurity. She is then urged to stardom by her already-famous husband whose jealousy and alcoholism threaten the very core of their marriage.

Melissa McCarthy in Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Melissa McCarthy plays Lee Israel, a biographer who has fallen deep from grace and is now facing a hard life. She, later on, discovers that she has a penchant and talent for forging letters. Moreover, she can pass them off as authentic pieces written by famous authors.

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