Now, 91st Oscars Best in Cinematography is one of the categories that people have been looking forward to all year long. It’s really hard not to join the bandwagon when a lot of us are each rooting for the movie we believe should bag the award. Needless to say, the nominees were really deserving of the spot and more so, the winner that snagged the prize.

This year, the Oscars had an amazing lineup for the Best in Cinematography category and I believe it’s my job to tell you to check the list out because you are definitely going to miss a lot if you don’t.

Cold War (Lukasz Zal)


Set in 1949, a pianist sets out to scout for talent for a musical ensemble. He discovers a singer-dancer named Zula and who he begins to have a relationship with. The two travel all throughout Europe during the time where politics divided the nation and during that time they uncover all the happiness and betrayals that plague their relationship.

The Favourite (Robbie Ryan)


During the 1700s, Queen Anne was physically and emotionally unstable. She lets her most trusted confidante, Lady Sarah, act as a de facto ruler of Great Britain during its war with France. Things go awry when Abigail arrives at court and snakes her way to the Queen. It also does not help one bit that she is Sarah’s cousin.

Never Look Away (Caleb Deschanel)


The story about art student Kurt who grew up in Nazi Germany and then in Soviet-occupied Dresden. He barely scrapes by at the restrictions imposed on him by political ideologies. He finds freedom in Dusseldorf and eventually falls in love there but his work is still plagued by the ideals of his entire generation.

Roma (Alfonso Cuaron)


Among all the nominees, Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma wins the 91st Oscars Best in Cinematography. This film centers on Cleo who works as a maid in the 1970s in Mexico City. She works for a middle-class doctor and she tries her best to take good care of the four young children in the family during the time of personal and political upheaval.

A Star is Born (Matthew Libatique)


Jackson Maine, a famous rockstar, meets aspiring singer-songwriter Ally. He is captivated by her and her talents and helps her fulfill her dreams. Ally’s career takes off and her relationship with Jackson blossoms. Along the way, Jackson’s alcoholic tendencies and his growing jealousy of his partner’s career threatens their relationship.