The Black Angel is the first volume in an epic three volume series— a Gothic Western about the loss of innocence written in the style of a soap opera. It discusses themes of alcoholism, drug addiction, child abuse, police brutality, and oppression.

The story discusses the non-romantic relationship between a grandfather and granddaughter. Her grandfather, a drifter when he was young, dies of heart failure and Maribel makes the critical decision to follow in his legendary footsteps, protecting a town from a child murder and serial killer.

Maribel had always been mesmerized by the stories her grandfather told her of the Old West, the myths of outlaws and folk heroes like Jesse James, Billy the kid, and Wild Bill Hickok. But her favorites were the real-life stories about him. After the death of her grandfather, Maribel feels compelled to follow in his legendary footsteps, leaving her father’s ranch to become a drifter and bounty hunter. Before long, her beauty and skills with a gun gain her notoriety.

A dangerous outlaw named Jacob Taylor threatens the townsfolk of Silver Dollar and he is at large with a hefty $5000 bounty on his head. Maribel picks up her pistols for one final job, joining local law enforcement to hunt down Taylor. It will prove to be her greatest challenge: to earn the right to the code name Black Angel.

The Black Angel

Haunted and driven, Maribel is a fierce, unstoppable force. Maribel is both a troubled and tragic heroine. She is both dark and virtuous, rugged but feminine. She is ever elusive.

It was critical that I deliver the message that violence corrupts the soul and we must be careful what we wish for at all times.

I’ve been interested in the art form of storytelling since I was in my early teens. I felt that there were some interesting concepts and characters that I could deliver on which were different than most professionals that could deliver on some important themes, subject matter, and characters.

Mostly, my material differs from other writers’ in that I’m not trying to spoon feed my readers any life’s lessons in every other chapter or section. I’m a very women-friendly writer and prefer having my material lead by a female protagonist than a male.

My writing style is honest; I write from the gut. It’s also for anybody who’s interested in what I have to say. You don’t have to be interested in the medium of Western Fiction to enjoy it. If you admire material like Nashville, HeartLand, Tomb Raider, or Black Lagoon just to name off a few examples, then you’ll surely like this.

The Black Angel

I started writing and drawing at a young age but made the decision to consider it a career option when I was fourteen. I created Maribel Sara a.k.a. The Black Angel when I was eighteen. She was the first female lead character I put a lot of work and effort into. As an artist and enjoy looking at the world and studying human behavior.

I won’t release names to protect their privacy but I didn’t consider to make the final decision to write this story until there was a tragic incident in the media that made me want to remind folks that violence corrupts the soul and it effects each and every one of us. I also felt that it was important to bring my readers a female action hero in this genre.

It’s not based on any particular account or event, I just felt that we needed a stronger more original approach to this genre.

It has been a dream come true to write this story and characters. It projects themes that I feel very strongly about and think we should all be more aware of both in the medium of storytelling and life. I wanted to write a story that reminds us that violence corrupts the soul; we’re all haunted by it and treasure the time we have with both ourselves and those around us because life is too short to waste.

You can contact me at my email address at [email protected] or at my cell at 206.465.0997. I’m also of Facebook and Instagram.

About the author:

Sterling Ernst, 25, has quickly become a talented and promising teller of tales. Interested in storytelling and music from a young age, he would consistently be drawing whenever he had spare time. Considering becoming a comic book creator, he went to the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle Washington and eventually decided to settle on creative writing.

He worked in the food service industry to support himself and his family when at age eighteen created Maribel Sara, a ruthless mercenary and gunslinger inspired by his love of American Comic books, Japanese Manga, Anime, and Melodic Death Metal.

Gifted with a vision and strong character development, the author is already off to a convincing and satisfying story in The Black Angel. A second volume is currently in development. More great things from him are undoubtedly to come as he embarks on his writing career. He resides in Seattle.