My story begins with a four-member family in front of their home in a quaint neighborhood. Mama Flora Morris, Papa Carl Morris, and their two children, Susan and Gloria, come out of the house. The family gets into their car parked in the driveway of the attached garage. Mama Flora says to her husband, Carl, “I wish you would have gotten a bigger car.” Carl replies, “Flora you know that this is all we could afford at the time. And it has the best crash ratings for cars this size. Besides, I think we could afford something bigger now. I have been looking at a couple of cars I think you would like.” Flora replies, “I can hardly wait, Carl.”

As they drive off, the kids are squabbling in the back seat. Carl says, “Now kids, you know this is supposed to be a fun time. We are going to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s for Susan’s birthday, so quit squabbling with your sister, Gloria!” Gloria cries, “But she keeps picking on me, Dad!” Carl calls back, “It’s her birthday, so let her pick!”

In another part of the city, a semi-truck driver, hauling an 18-wheeler loaded with concrete blocks, pulls into a truck stop. He pulls alongside the gas pump and leaves the truck to buy a few things in the store. As he pays, the cashier says to him, “Thank, Mikey!” With his tanks filled, Mikey does a quick check on his tires and lights then gets into the truck. Unknown to him, brake fluid is visibly leaking on the road each time he hits the brakes. Mikey travels a quarter mile on a downhill grade and slightly hits the brakes, but nothing happens. He tries pumping the brakes and nothing happens as he approaches a four-way stop.

The Chronicles of Ghosts Cupids Witches the Devil and God! Oh and Real Live People Also!

At the same moment, the Morris family car comes to the four-way stop. Flora cautions, “Watch where you’re going, Carl.” Carl stops at the crossing and as he starts through the intersection, he says, “I wish they would remove that hedge. I can’t see a darn thing.” Just then the girls start squabbling again as Carl looks back to scold them. Mikey is still pumping the brakes, cuts his wheels and swears as the truck moves sideways toward the family car. The 18-wheeler’s trailer tips over onto the car and a pile of metal with blocks go sliding down the road. Both vehicles finally come to a stop and Mikey climbs out of the truck shaking, thanking God he had a seat belt on, but thinking that seat belts would not have helped the poor family in the car. The scene is horrific, the car is under the trailer and concrete blocks are everywhere. Mikey calls the Highway Patrol and several officers arrive on the scene. Mikey tells the officers what had happened as they began an investigation on the scene. One officer checks Mikey’s license notes he was not drinking and has a clean record. The officer questions Mikey, “You say you give your truck a quick inspection whenever you stop? Well, I don’t think the judge will even cite you for this incident, but since your company owns the truck they will have to appear in court with you and will probably get cited and then have to deal with the insurance companies. I can’t believe the company would let you operate a vehicle with faulty brakes.” “Thanks,” says Mikey. “I just wish those poor people could have walked away from this.” “Me, too,” says the officer. [Author’s note: Jim was my closest friend. Since he had passed away, I talk to him all the time. Jim says, “You better watch out, everyone will think you are crazy!”]

“What is this?” says Jim, “This family just got smashed to smithereens.” Jim addresses the family, “Folks you better watch out everyone will think that you all are crazy.” Flora says, “What was that?”

Carl and the girls reply in unison, “We don’t know.” “Oh well,” says Flora. “We best be on our way.”

The Chronicles of Ghosts Cupids Witches the Devil and God! Oh and Real Live People Also!

The family arrives at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and Carl knocks on the door, but his hand goes right through. He tries again and again each time it goes right through the door. Carl can’t believe what he just saw. Not wanting to alarm anyone, he says, “They are not home. Kids go wait in the car.”

After the kids are gone Carl says to Flora, “You are not going to believe this unless you see it for yourself.” Carl puts his hand right through the door for Flora to see. Flora does a double take and says, “Let me try.” The same thing happens. Flora’s hand goes right through the door. She gasps, “Oh my God! What’s happening?” Carl says, “I don’t know.” Flora replies, “Call Susan up here. She is more mature so let her try.” The same thing happens with Susan. The family can peer into the house and see the grandparents, but they can’t knock. Carl then tentatively puts his foot through the door and enters, with Flora and Susan following him.

The three souls approach Grandma and grandpa and all start talking to them at once. Grandma and grandpa go about their business and pay them no attention as if they’re not even there. Grandma says to grandpa, “I know Susan will love her new bike.” Grandpa says, “Yes she will. I imagine she will be very happy.” Not being able to get their attention, the family goes back to their car where Gloria awaits. Gloria says, “What’s up? I thought I saw you guys walk right through the front door. What I mean is, you didn’t bother to open it first.” “You did,” says Susan. Gloria says, “You did what?” Carl says, “Gloria, I’ll explain it to you later or better yet, Susan you explain it to her.” “I’ll try,” says Susan as they leave to go back home. Back at the house, Carl pulls out his keys by habit and tries to fit them in the lock. His hand goes right through the door so he just follows through thinking, “So much for that idea.” The family is all back in their house and Flora without thinking says, “I think I’ll take that cake over to Jerry’s. I promised him I’d come by later with a piece for him to enjoy.” She goes to pick up the knife and cut the cake but her hand goes right through it. “Well, so much for that idea,” she says.

The Chronicles of Ghosts Cupids Witches the Devil and God! Oh and Real Live People Also!

Flora goes into the living room to tell Carl what had just happened and finds him sitting on the floor with a chair around him. She starts laughing and becomes hysterical. Carl soothes his wife and says, “We will work this out somehow. Don’t you worry.” Just then Susan cries, “Dad, I can’t turn on the TV, my hand goes right through it!” Gloria comes in and says, “I can’t ride my bike! I fell on the floor when I went to sit on it.” Flora says, “What do we do now Carl?” Carl says, “Give me time to think about it.”

The family stands there looking at each other. Carl shakes his head and finally says, “Look we are touching something; the floor, the ground outside, and don’t forget the cars. Let me think on it and maybe I’ll come up with something.”

Carl says, “Let’s go over to Jerry’s, he is our neighbor. Maybe he can see or hear us and be able to help.” So they all troop over to Jerry’s and walk right through his front door. Jerry is watching a movie on TV unaware of their presence. “Well, so much for that idea,” says Susan.

“Can I stay here and watch the movie?” Carl says, “Sure we might as well all stay, even if Jerry doesn’t know we are here. When the movie ends the news will come on. Maybe then we can figure out what’s going on.” The movie finishes and breaking news comes on. The newscaster announces, “A family of four was tragically killed in a traffic accident today on Highway 18 when a truck loaded with concrete blocks, had lost its brakes. All four were killed instantly. Only the truck driver survived. We are on the scene with this special report.” The driver of the truck, Mikey, is interviewed stating, “My brakes just went out and there was no way to stop. I jackknifed and the trailer fell over right on top of those poor people.” Jim says, “Yeah, pretty much like swatting a fly with a fly swatter; one second you’re there and the next split second you’re history.

The Morris family all looked at each other in Jerry’s house yelling, “We’re dead!”

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The Chronicles of Ghosts, Cupids, Witches, the Devil and God! Oh, and Real Live People Also! by Carl D. Morris is available for purchase in Paperback and Kindle format on Amazon

The Chronicles of Ghosts, Cupids, Witches, the Devil and God! Oh, and Real Live People Also!

Author: Carl D. Morris

Genre: Literature & Fiction

Paperback: 172 pages

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1524657018

ISBN-13: 978-1524657017

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