A horror movie gains extra creepiness and efficient scare factor if old legends and folktale fuel them. It is especially terrifying when the folktales come from the Southwest. The Curse of La Llorona, or the Weeping Woman, is just one of those folktales. It is also the basis of one of the most anticipated horror film for this 2019.

The Legend

The legend talks of a woman who, after a failed marriage to the father of her two boys, drowns her sons in the river to their deaths. Realizing what she did, she spent the rest of her life looking for his sons in the banks of Santa Fe River. Even after her death, her weeping soul continued to haunt the place. Legend has it that she takes children who are around to take care as her own. However, she ends up killing them as she did with her two boys.

The Film

The upcoming film ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ follows this legend in a family’s life in the 70s. Anna Garcia is a social worker with two children of her own. She is caught in an entanglement with La Llorona after taking on a social case of a family being haunted by a terrifying supernatural entity. With the help of a priest, Anna ultimately sets out to look for her children. Moreover, she leaves no stone unturned in finding a way to fight La Llorona.

Marisol Ramirez will be playing the titular La Llorona. Meanwhile, Linda Cardellini, Patricia Velásquez, and Raymond Cruz will also star in this film. Michael Chaves is on the directorial seat, with this film serving as his directorial debut.

Warner Bros Pictures and New Line Cinema will produce the film. ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ will start haunting cinemas nationwide on April 19, 2019.

Watch the official trailer of The Curse of La Llorona here: