Chloë Grace Moretz has graced the screens when she was just seven years old. Not a lot of kids can do that back in her time. Even when they can, not a lot of them came out as successful as she is. Now at 22 years old, she continues to pile acting credits one after another. She is, after all, one of Hollywood’s most promising actresses.

Unlike the many child stars led astray by fame and fortune, Chloë has a good head on her shoulders. It shows a lot in her interviews and films. Most of the movies she did require a lot of patience. Although not every film was a sure hit, she still managed to hold her head up high and aimed for more.


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She starred in the Kick-Ass films as one of the protagonists. She did the lead roles of If I Stay, Carrie, Let Me In, and so much more too. Back in the days, her red carpet looks have been insanely adorable. Her bright smile always lit the whole place up. She donned cute little dresses and had her hair all made up in the cutest way possible. Over the years, her style has changed but she always kept her signature blonde hair that suits her in more ways than one. No matter what style she opted for, the young beauty just kept standing out. She could be chic, edgy, girly but she would always bring it.

Her acting has improved a lot over the years but she was already a great actress to begin with, so that’s saying a lot. Also, she’s taken in more mature roles that makes you realize that you are, in fact, getting old, because the girl who used to sport pigtails and run around in a high-pitched voice is now the same girl who’s getting kissing scenes and wearing slick outfits.

Nevertheless, Chloë Grace Moretz is getting better with age and it’s hard to argue with that. She has always been a powerhouse and even in the future, she will still continue to be.